Instagram, today’s most visual social medium, is taking over the world. But why should your company use this channel?

It’s safe to say that social media is taking over the business world and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Using Instagram for your business is a fantastic way to connect with your customers and letting them get to know your business which will potentially increase your revenue and brand awareness. Online presence is extremely important for any company – but do you know the 5 most significant Instagram benefits for businesses?

1. Everyone is on Instagram!

As of June 2016, Instagram gained 500 million active users. That means that just about everyone (and their pets) is using Instagram. Out of those 500 million, over 60% of users log in daily, and 75% are based outside of the US.

Should I be using Instagram for my business?

Let’s see some business statistics.

According to BrandWatch, 48.8% of brands are on Instagram. The market predicts this number to rise to 70% by 2017. This means that Instagram will be used by just about anyone who has regular access to the Internet.

The short answer to the question is… yes: the Instagram statistics are a very important factor for you to determine whether your business should be using the platform. And in most cases, it probably should.

How can businesses use Instagram?

Using Instagram for business opens doors to potential customers, influencers who can boost your product, and even showing the behind-the-scenes of the company.

Why is it important? Brand engagement is 10 times higher, Instagram is a staple for fashion brands and 50% of Instagrammers follow brands – and they should also be following your brand.

Visit Brussels

Followers: 47,4k followers

Focus: Regrams from people who live in or went visiting Belgium’s capital.

Why it became so successful: The @visitbrussels account mainly focuses on regrams. It motivates people to use their hashtag, #visitbrussels, in order to be featured in their feed. By publishing user generated content, fans are being activated, the feed gets a very realistic touch and is really made by and for real fans of the city. A very smart strategy!

visit brussels

2. Become present in your niche

Are you stuck with a specific niche and not sure on how to break through and find your audience? Instagram might just be a solution for your problems. By choosing the correct hashtag and highlighting (and reposting) users using your hashtag, you can create significant presence in your niche.

After all, every business wants to make a buzz and disrupt the marketplace, right?

How to use Instagram for your niche business?

Here’s where hashtags come in. Ever since Twitter broke through, using a hashtag brought together a community. In business lingo, using a hashtag can connect you with an audience that is interested in your specific niche.  

The best way to find out which hashtags to use, is to analyze your competitors and how they use Instagram. Follow them, repost from the same followers and make your business known on the platform. Over time, create your own original hashtag and grow your presence.

3. Bring personality and face to your brand

Through Instagram stories, videos and even pictures, you can bring personality to your brand that might not be seen from other media. Instagram allows customers to see your product from another perspective and connect with it on a personal level.

How to create brand personality on Instagram?

  • Create an Instagram feed theme and make sure your photos are consistent with your design guidelines.
  • Use Instagram stories to show behind the scenes of your brand – from office stories, staff stories to events.  
  • Post daily!
  • Interact with your users through comments.
  • Create giveaways and reward your most loyal followers.

Check out McDonalds’ Instagram personality for some inspiration!

4. Take customer service to a new level

Along with showing your personality through your product, you can also show personality by communicating and engaging with your customers. Instagram is all about customer engagement.

Brands can answer their customer’s queries by simply replying to comments on their photos or through direct messages. As a new account, the best you can do is reply to every single comment you receive. Let them know you appreciate them – bonus points for a sense of humor.

In 2016, Instagram also announced the ‘contact’ button which gives millions of users easy access to customer service. This means that billions of users and thousands of your followers have easy access to contact you in case they need to.

5. Show off your company’s creativity

Companies should think of Instagram as a FREE advertising platform. Your message can be seen through graphics or video, and then it’s time to show how creative you are. Not only does this attract more customers and can it potentially make your brand go viral, it also shows your company as a fantastic place to work at.

Here’s a few examples of some of the best Belgian Instagram accounts to get you inspired:


Followers: 3.3 million

What is it about? TomorrowLand is probably Belgium’s most famous festival. It focuses on dance music, and is also known for its bigger sister: TomorrowWorld. Marketeers post pictures and videos on the account 4 to 5 times before and after the festival, and publish content multiple times a day during the event.



Studio Brussel

Followers: 109k

What is it about? Studio Brussel is a Belgian radio station, famous for its very diverse content on Instagram. Not only through music, but also by posting at times hilarious photos and videos, Studio Brussel is reaching its target audience as no other Belgian radio channel. Here as well, frequency is key: StuBru is posting multiple times a day on Instagram, and is never getting out of its fans sight!


Ugly Belgian Houses

Followers: 36,8k

What is it about? A brilliant concept by Hannes Coudenys, who recently published his first book with the same title as his Instagram account. Ugly Belgian Houses gives an overview of -surprise, surprise – not so pretty houses in the streets of Belgium. Coudenys always provides a funny, catchy caption for each picture, and makes sure his page is staying consistent at all times.



Followers: 109k

What is it about? Delvaux is an internationally famous Belgian luxury brand, mainly known for its handbags. The Instagram account of this fashion brand is mostly about consistency, order and prettiness. The company posts three pictures a week, and those three pictures tell a “mini story” together. They’re a perfect match and make every Instagram row special, without losing specific meaning to every picture on itself.


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