Do you want to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons? Of course you do, so read this blog!

Do you want to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons? Then the time is right, ’cause there’s a brand new kid in town. Today is a good day to meet WE LIKE YOU, a next level social media agency!

We are a team of social media storytellers and community masterminds. Every day, we look for different ways to bridge the gap between businesses and their consumers by using tailored social media strategies and carefully customized creative solutions. We strongly believe that social media require a unique skill set with little overlap from other marketing forms. We focus on one thing, and we do it well!

WE LIKE YOU is meant to be a fun name, but it also represents what we stand for:

  • WE = We like you and we’re in this together. Together we aim for the moon. Our team works with yours, and that’s how we achieve beautiful goals! ‘But before there’s ‘WE’, we get to know each other and set up a masterplan with your goals in mind,’ Joyce says.
  • LIKE = We all like likes. By having the same goals in common, we’re alike, too! Aside from that, we also genuinely like our clients – and that’s not unimportant, is it? ‘But what’s a ‘Like’ for you? For us it’s not all about the likes, we strive for a higher level of interaction and engagement,’ adds Eva.
  • YOU = We treat you like our best friend. You and your brand are our focus and we will do everything it takes to make your social channels great success stories! We talk and we talk, to get to know you better and to highlight your goals. Good agreements makes good friends!

Anyway, are you looking for a fresh social media strategy, first class community management, content creation, social media advertising or you like to know more about social media? WE LIKE YOU at your service! Don’t be shy and say ‘hi’.