The good, the bad, and the very very very boring … Yep, there are some Instagram rules.

  • 1. Hearts only for blogger pictures

Don’t like someone’s Instagram picture if you don’t actually like it. Only double-tap when your Instagram like is the real deal. Liking every single blogger’s picture in the hope they’ll follow you or like yours back is crap. Like and interact with people who want to engage with your brand. This statement doesn’t mean you have to turn your back to blogger content (please don’t!). But your target audience on Instagram should exceed the blogger community.

  • 2. Avoid hashtag disasters

#followforfollow, #likeforlike, #happy, #TagsForLikes, #love, #amazing, #20likes…You get the idea. As a brand, it looks desperate. Those combinations hurts people’s eyes and it’s annoying. Use the right and related hashtags when the time is right. Don’t you want likes because people actually like your photo and not because they want you to like theirs?

  • 3. Comment randomly

Oh boy, I can’t express how much I hate comments like ‘Love it’, ‘Cute outfit babe’ and ‘Nice!’. I received several comments like “Oh, nice outfit” when I shared a landscape view of my last visit to NYC, or “Lovely!” on a sad, kinda personal moment on my Instagram. How did I react? Unfollow.

  • 4. Not reading the caption

Did you know not reading a person’s caption is the biggest mistake you can make on Instagram? Take some extra seconds to read the copy of an Instagram post. Someone’s caption provides you, as a brand, a chance to make a meaningful connection. God bless Instagram captions! Thanks to those we’re able to engage the right way.

  • 5. Instagram-worthy pictures, ask yourself!

Always ask yourself, is your picture Insta-worthy? “Keep calm and… ”, “We have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé” quotes…Yep, we have enough of that kind of Instagram content. Think before you post your fifth avocado and poached eggs plate (unless it has gold flakes!) in combination with your coffee-latté art moment. Please, stand out.