Curious about 7 major brands doing Instagram just right? Look no further: we wrote an awesome article about it.Instagram has been going strong for years now. With 500 millions of users approaching the network on a daily basis, Instagram has quickly become one of the most influential and powerful social networks nowadays. Hence, it is no wonder that so many brands choose it for their marketing campaigns. Advertising on Instagram has many advantages: millions of users can see your brand pop on their home pages, and approach your website and stores within seconds. Both bigger and smaller companies and their brands can benefit from Instagram Ads, that have helped Instagram become so much more than a ‘selfie network’.

There are some specific brands, however, that have their Instagram game stronger than others. Here are the seven brands doing Instagram right!

National Geographic

National Geographic and Instagram are a match made in heaven. If there was ever a perfect brand for this social channel, it must be National Geographic! Keeping up to date with the latest trends is always important, and National Geographic does that best. Even though this brand dates from the 1800’s, it successfully keeps pace with the ever-changing world of advertising.

With more than 66 millions of followers so far, National Geographic is one of the most influential brands on Instagram. The number of followers continuously increases due to the exceptional content posted daily. Every day, National Geographic posts breathtaking photos from contributors traveling all over the world. Their profile is among the most visited sites on Instagram, visited both by photography enthusiasts, and regular users wanting to have a look at some wonderful imagery.


Claiming to be the world’s overall best camera, it would be unnatural if GoPro did not have a superb Instagram account. GoPro encourages its users to take and upload as many pictures and videos as possible, in order to create user-generated content. Users from all around the globe put GoPro in action and snap some wonderful pictures. The company later selects and publishes the best examples on their account.

Despite being great, all of these photos allow non-GoPro users to get a feel of just how good the camera is. With more than 11 million users and 3,300+ posts, GoPro surely is one of the brands that just do Instagram right!


Another brand that has its Instagram game going strong, is FedEx. When it comes to Instagram marketing and advertising, FedEx has a unique approach! Following the theme of “FedEx in the wild”, the brand encourages its followers to take photos of FedEx as it is, and of course to submit them. Again: a great example of user-generated content.

FedEx’s followers have done a great job by capturing FedEx planes flying overhead, or FedEx trunks in unexpected locations. This approach makes fans constantly look for some FedEx inspiration, which makes sure that the brand is always on their minds.

FedEx does not have that many followers though, but the number is constantly growing. Those 57 thousand that do follow the profile, are still doing a great job at capturing some of the most memorable FedEx photos.


Airbnb is another brand that has users from all around the globe; users that take good quality pictures and promote the brand by posting them. Airbnb is quite new to the market in comparison to the other well-known brands, but this does not make it any less successful in the Instagram-marketing field – on the contrary!

Airbnb chooses the very best of its users’ photos and posts them on their profile, followed by no less than 1,5 million followers. In that way, the brand’s photos capture unique little towns, extraordinary hidden cafes and one-of-a-kind homes and experiences. Another thing Airbnb is especially good at, is keeping its followers and users engaged by rewarding them for commenting and attracting a lot of click-troughs.

Coca Cola

This list would not be complete without Coca ColaIn many people’s opinion, Coca Cola is the very king of marketing and advertising. Ever since its very beginnings, Coca Cola has had some of the best and most memorable advertisement campaigns!

Though many may argue that Coca Cola is so well known that it does not need any advertisement at all, the brand is popular on Instagram, too. With more than 1,2 million followers, Coca Cola’s Instagram account is visited by many (many!) users on a daily basis. The “Share a Coke” campaign is one of the most popular ones in the history of Instagram, which again shows just how well Coca Cola understands its customers and their interests.


Everyone on Instagram knows that coffee pictures are among the most popular photos on the network – and where there is coffee, there is Starbucks! With more than 12 million followers and billions of ‘likes’, Starbucks is another popular brand that understands the power of Instagram.

Through multiple campaigns, such as the latest #ThanksToYou, Starbucks encourages people from all over the world to take pictures of their coffee stores, and post them on Instagram of course. The better the picture of the coffee and the situation, the more likely it is to be featured on the page of the official Starbucks’ account. User-generated content – must be something good about that, right?


Nike just does it, and it does it right! The sports mega-brand is among the most popular on Instagram… and with a good reason.

Nike’s Instagram pictures embrace a lifestyle, instead of  purely promoting their products directly. Their images feature motivational descriptions and hashtags; they remind users that most of the time, it’s more important to start running than to cross the finish line! Their strong motivational campaigns ultimately do pay off. With 68,5 million of users, Nike is by far the most popular sports brand on Instagram.

In today’s modern world of social networking, it is important for a brand to stay up-to-date. And what better way of doing that than putting some time and effort into an Instagram account? In the past few years, Instagram has become as influential as the traditional media: with half a billion users scrolling through their Instagram homepages every day, Instagram is the perfect place for a strong marketing campaign. Add some pretty awesome user-generated content to that, and you’re on a roll!