Today, many brands are spending time trying to harness the power of the social sphere in order to reap the benefits of influencing their audiences through Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Brands are starting to realise that engaging with their audience on social media is one of the key benefits of implementing a social media strategy. And because engagement plays such a vital role in social media marketing, trust and reputation begin to play an important factor as well.

Without trust, consumers are less likely to rely on a brand, believe in a brand, and buy from a brand. According Harvard Business Reviewtrust is even considered to be a critical strategic asset; one that can ultimately affect the buying decisions of consumers when they are faced with an infinite amount of choices.

How Can a Brand Build Trust? 

But how exactly can a brand begin to build trust? It starts with a promise. Whether that be in the product, the service, or in the mission statement of the brand. If the promise is not fulfilled, your audience will not find your brand reputable or trustworthy. As Jeff Bullas puts its

“Building trust with your customers goes a long way. There’s no substituting that!”

Digital platforms have increased the chances of brands building trust with their audiences and consumers. A simple conversation, a reply to their inquiries or complaints, or a simple like can all equally help a brand gain the trust of their audience members. Trust us, witty conversations can do more for your brand than a billboard ad nowadays.

All In For True Customer Engagement

At WE LIKE YOU we go all in for true customer engagement. Our digital strategists are aware of the importance of using social media channels to build trust with your current and potential brand ambassadors. Look at your daily life, your relationships can never go past a certain level without trust. The same goes for brands building relationships with consumers. Today, we proudly share some ways brands can begin to build trust through social media.

TransparencyYou can be a good person, but NOT the nicest person in the room. And when you are not authentic on social media, people can smell it on you. (Yep, they definitely do!) In today’s world, transparency is an inherent reality. Brands and/or companies need to embrace this and get involved in guiding that conversation.

Simple and fun engagement: Another way to build and maintain trust is through entertainment. The possibilities are endless. Share an entertaining but related video, set up a brand contest, or ask feedback from your audience in a funny way. At WE LIKE YOU we want you to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. That is why we will set up several moments to take your social media management to the next level; together we reach the stars!

Communicating thought leadership: Don’t spam your audience with opportunities to purchase your product or service, without providing any value. Social media is a perfect platform to communicate your expertise in your industry. Besides that social networks are designed to entertain, gain honest feedback, ignite discussions and to teach your audience.

First class community management: At WE LIKE YOU we set our standards high, when it comes to a quick and responsive customer communication. Today people know they can reach out to a brand or organisation on a 24/7 base. You don’t have to look further than yourself and your behaviour. When was the last time you asked your telephone provider or package delivery service a question through social media? This is not a threat, but an opportunity to provide a great service in front of a large audience. Even customer complaints are a gift, because these opportunities can often turn into great testimonials when customers are handled with care.

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