Wow, is it February already? I was a little bit shocked when I turned my calendar this morning. Right, I feel you thinking ‘she still has an paper calendar?’. Yes I have. Anyway, in December we were chatting about introducing some brand new WE LIKE YOU blog topics. As a team of social media storytellers and community masterminds we all have our own favourite communities and brands which we like to follow to get inspired. That’s why we came up with a brand new topic called ‘awesome social media updates you might have missed’.


Eating healthier, become more active, get in shape … Did you know resolutions were meant to be broken?

Resolutions were meant to be broken… #Toblerone #InstaFood #Triangle #MilkChocolate #SwissChocolate #Chocolate

Een foto die is geplaatst door Toblerone (@tobleroneglobal) op

Borussia Dortmund

January equals a rollercoaster of emotions; while the world waved goodbye to Obama we were already exposed to first actions of the brand new POTUS. Trump, you hate him or you love him, but I can’t get enough of Borussia Dortmund’s Facebook post!

Borussia Dortmund

Australian Open

It’s an annual tradition; getting high on never-ending rallies, Federer’s perfect drop shots and dreaming of Australian temperatures while my backyard is covered in white. Also in 2017, the first Gran Slam tournament of the year really got my attention. I am a huge fan of Serena Williams and Roger Federer, so you can imagine how excited I was for these glory days! Anyway, to the point; the #AusOpen social media communication hit an ACE! Oh, and did someone ever said word play are so 2016? No, because they aren’t!


Even though 2017 is only 31 days old, Wendy’s Twitter just made the social media conversation of the year. If you are following me on Twitter, you have already seen the whole online story. But in short, Wendy’s is sending out an innocuous tweet about its hamburger motto: ‘Always Fresh, never frozen.’. A little later, we met @NHride, who thought his fast food burger shouldn’t act with such impunity online.


Did already mention I am a huge Serena Williams fan? In case you didn’t know, I am a huge Serena Williams fan. After she won #AusOpen 2017 I received several mailings by Nike, and oh my god I want that Serena tennis dress, and shoes, and pants, and skirt … To the point again: Serena Williams is the greatest ever, and this social media post by Nike is so extremely powerful.

Greatest ever. @serenawilliams #justdoit

Een video die is geplaatst door nike (@nike) op

So, which social media post was your January 2017 favourite? Share the post and include your favourite social media updates. We would love to hear who inspires you!

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