Expect social media marketing to keep picking up steam in 2017.  And expect to use one or more of these top social media tools to stay ahead of the curve!


We all run across great sites and fantastic content, but we do not always run across them at the most convenient times. And if your bookmarks folders and bar are as cluttered as mine, bookmarking a page is asking for it to be lost to eternity. Refind fixes that—and it’s totally free.

Refind is going to revolutionise your bookmarks bar, and by revolutionise, we mean you will not have to use that clunky thing ever again if you do not want to. It is a simple way to save (and tag) sites you want to look at later.

As mentioned before, it is a completely free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, iOS, and Android. (There are also ways to use Refind on other browsers as well.)


Best known as a review generator, Yotpo also has excellent Instagram/user generated content curation features that can up conversion rates and boost your sales. It can make your Insta feed shoppable and promote your products through user generated content like photos on Insta and Facebook.

Ads that look like ads are so 2016. Customers love user generated content and serving them the content they want to see—that just happens to also promote your product—is proven to work!

Yotpo has a free lite plan, but it is not particularly a powerhouse feature-wise. If you are planning to use it seriously, it starts around $399 a month.


Users want to watch videos, there is no way around it. Rocketium is perfectly tuned to create exactly the types of highly sharable social media videos you are looking for!

More specifically, Rocketium is a simple, straightforward video creator that helps you make short, snappy videos with overlaid text, like the recipe videos that are so popular on Facebook. It facilitates the process with a fantastic media search, creates videos formatted for any device, and lets you produced polished videos with themes, image, and video editing tools.

Rocketium’s prices range from a free “basic” plan to an “ultimate” plan for $49 a month. There is also a mid-priced plan at $19 a month. The free plan watermarks videos, so if you are going to be using it professionally, you will need to shell out for the premium plan.


What if every link you posted on social media was not just shortened tidily, but also featured your brand? That is exactly what Rebrandly offers. For example, you can change any ugly link into one that looks like this: mybrand.link/rebrandly

This is, in particular, great for building brand recognition, it is free, it is easy, and frankly… it is just plain cool and attention grabbing.

Yes, the service is 100% free, but they also have a premium service at $99 a month, which offers advanced analytics, including conversion tracking, A/B testing, and much MUCH more.


Yala is a bot for Slack users that puts machine learning to work to schedule your Twitter and Facebook posts for the times most likely to engage your followers. That is pretty nice, right?

And the best part of it, Yala is completely free. So, when your post is as important as what you post, Yala’s ingenious algorithm takes out the guesswork.


Quu is a service that works with your Buffer account to provide you with hand-curated social media content for your fans, on your schedule. The great thing about the tool is that it does not just automatically post based on a keyword or two. No, posts in your interest categories are reviewed by real human beings before being placed in your queue. They can be automatically posted, or you can review them yourself, further.

This is a fantastic time saver that helps you provide your followers with great and super-relevant content on a regular basis!

It is free for up to two posts a day from five interest categories, and $10 for up to ten posts a day in unlimited categories.

Panda 5

Panda 5 is a new, super-smart news reader. It pulls RSS feeds, integrates with other sites, and lets you browse multiple sites at once so that you can curate your content efficiently. It is well-integrated with Twitter, and has pre-built popular feeds that serve up blogs and other media.

Efficiency and convenience are Panda 5’s biggest pros. It can auto-suggest feeds based on who you follow on Twitter. With Panda 5, you have access to tons of curated content at a glance.

Now the question is: what does it cost? You can have a free trail account or you can pay $4.99 a month for a Pro account. While Panda 5 is still in beta, you can get it at a discount ($2.99 a month).


This is a great all-inclusive tool for aggregating and analysing your social media content across platforms to see how well your campaign is performing. Monitor, respond, and adjust your content to optimise your campaigns.

Remember, a campaign is more than the sum of its parts—Waaffle helps you put the pieces together for $9 per month per campaign.


One of the major frustrations marketing managers have with Snapchat is that it is useful (even necessary!), but it provides no analytic tools natively. Snaplytics fills that need so that you know exactly how well you are performing on the platform — giving you the information you need to improve.

The standard plan comes in at $179 a month per Snapchat account; the Pro plan (which adds publishing, API access, and data export) is $299 a month per account.

The cost of it might seem a little scary, but it will pay off in the end. Snapchat is powerful, and it is big right now, so optimizing your Snaps is a great way to boost conversions.


Zest is a Chrome extension that provides you with the latest and most popular marketing articles, hand-curated by other marketers. Your selection pops up whenever you open a new tab, and is customised by selecting various tags (Metrics, SEO, Strategy, Social, etc.)

Honestly, Zest could not be more convenient if you are a Chrome user already. It is literally effortless and adds no additional tasks to your routine. The good news is that it is 100% free!

Are you already familiar with some of these tools? Great if you are, but if you are not, don’t worry. We can help you get started with your social media tech stack. WE LIKE YOU at your service!

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