Let’s face it – Starbucks is one of the biggest social media brands ever. They have millions of followers and likes across all social media platforms.

Somehow they always seem to find a way to produce engaging and inspiring content for their fans. Their social media accounts can easily inspire your own strategy. So, now is the time to see what you can learn from Starbucks’ social media success.

1. Starbucks is relatable

That is the first thing anyone sees when they stop by one of their social media platforms. Starbucks gets excited about their product just like any of their customers would. You can’t expect people to be excited if you’re not excited. They cater to their audience and adjust content to what is useful for their customers.

Their social media strategy is completely focused on relatable content, which includes using gifs, sharing memes and supporting their customers.

2. They really know how to use their social media channels

Looking at Starbucks across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, you can clearly see that they adapted their content to fit each platform’s user experience.

Starbucks on Facebook

Starbucks on Facebook is multilingual to make sure they can reach and communicate with their customers from every country. They show you how their products are made and they introduce their staff and their favourite products. They know the importance of personalising their brand with content. They study their users and know what they love. Then they create excitement through their products. Interestingly enough, their Facebook isn’t that frequently updated as their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Starbucks on Instagram

With almost 13 million followers, Starbucks really is the king of brands on Instagram. They have an insanely large following and know exactly what to do to engage with followers who are in love with coffee culture.

One thing Starbucks really does well is the high definition of their photos and videos. They create animations and really focus on presenting their product to the public. They also use Instagram’s latest features such as Instagram Stories where they create sneak peeks of their newest products, they post announcements and secret messages to get the coffee culture community excited.

Starbucks on Twitter

Starbucks uses Twitter in two ways. 1) they post about their product, and 2) they use it to engage with their audience. They know how to be relatable and their tone of voice reflects that on Twitter. They use the featured tweets function to highlight their customer’s messages and their sense of humour is what makes their tweets stand out from other brands.

Starbucks’ Twitter is also their customer service tool. Almost no message goes unanswered, whether it’s negative or positive. They take the time for each customer and make them feel appreciated and a part of the Starbucks community.


Unlike other companies, Starbucks heavily uses Pinterest as a platform to showcase their products, tea rituals, coffee-related gadgets and other pinaable posts, much like their consumers.

With their social media, Starbucks creates brand awareness through all platforms. Even though many of these platforms are not used for conversions, Starbucks really makes sure that the customers get validated and put their company to the top of mind.

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3. Using social media as a customer service tool

A big part of Starbucks’ efforts on social media goes to increasing brand awareness and servicing customers. As is evident from the way they use different platforms, they make sure their customers are satisfied.

They solve problems, they communicate with their biggest fans and they keep their people happy. And that is what matters the most when you are $one of the biggest coffee brands in the world.

4. Starbucks’ campaigns

Although Starbucks also does offline advertising, they primarily use social media as their advertising platform. They create special campaigns for each season, each promotion and each event that’s important to the company. They also use campaigns to focus on the non-profit part of the company and remind people to give back. Here are a few campaigns Starbucks has been a part of in the past:

Meet Me at Starbucks

The company’s first brand campaign was focused on a day in the life of working for Starbucks, rather than focused on the product. This kind of brand awareness helped people become aware of Starbucks’ values and mission.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Due to the popularity of the product, Starbucks decided to give people an opportunity to get the flavour earlier than regular customers. They created a competition on a Facebook app where people had to gather points for giving city shout-outs and being creative.

Non profit campaigns

Starbucks also often partner with non-profit companies. In the past, they have donated a significant amount of money to organisations like RED, American Red Cross, Catalyst and more. The entire list of their non profit partners can be found here.

4. Working with influencers

While Starbucks’ marketing and social media budget is probably huge, it can certainly provide you with inspiration for your future company goals. One of the things Starbucks does best is working with influencers.

They use influencers on YouTube to bring brand awareness to a wide audience. Take this video for example – the popular Youtubers Rosanna Pansino and iJustine have more than 10 million subscribers combined and their two Starbucks challenges reached almost 10 million views. This means they influenced 10 million people to either purchase Starbucks or think about purchasing it after watching the video – it’s one of the best ways to make sure you reach new people in your audience.

Working with an influencer could take your business to the next level – you just need to make sure you take calculated steps that will benefit your overall business strategy.

5. They focus on the product

This is by far one of their biggest strategies. Starbucks focuses on the product on all platforms and adjusts the way they communicate to their audience. They stick to the themes and topics that are of value for the company and they always make sure their customers are able to get the news, events and promotions that are relevant to what the company is all about.

What’s your favourite brand that really knows how to work social media?

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