Today we share the 10 best social media slide decks of 2016 to get you ready for 2017.  If social media communication isn’t your everyday job, it can be hard to stay up to date with social media trends. At WE LIKE YOU we are looking for social media trends and changes on a daily basis. So, the next 10 awesome slide decks all have to do with social media; strategies, picture ideas, insights, social media copywriting et cetera. If you’ve got a favourite of yours that didn’t make the list, I’d love to hear about it!

Your guide to social media marketing measurement by Mark Schaeffer

Get to know Mark Schaeffer, a social media keynote speaker, author and consultant from Knoxville. This guru is your guy when it’s time to put your social media reporting to another level. If you want to know more about social media measurement, check out Mark Schaeffers’ work.

How to boost inbound marketing success with content marketing, SEO and social media marketing by Marguerite Inscoe, Chris Raulf, Julie Gauthier

Today, as a company you can’t ignore content marketing. Content marketing has become an effective inbound marketing strategy. Despite the fact that content marketing is more important than ever, many businesses still don’t seem to have a strategic content marketing approach. That is why their content never reaches its target audience. Is your company struggling with inbound marketing and find it difficult how to use content marketing, social media and SEO in your inbound marketing mix? This slide deck will definitely help you!

A complete guide to the best times to post on social media by TrackMaven

When to post on Twitter, when on Facebook and what about Instagram? Is there a difference between ‘during the work week’ and ‘during the weekend’? “Oh wait, and we have blog posts as well.“ – someone in your office yells. In a company, there is a lot of content. TrackMaven, a marketing analytics platform from Washington DC, has broken down the date behind the most effective times to post content on Instagram, Facebook, your blog, Twitter and Email. Find out more!

The nuts and bolts of social media great success by Matthew Capala

What can we learn from Borat about social media? Press the link-button below if you want to know more about today’s consumer behaviours and expectations on social media. Very nice!

How to create the perfect social media post by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

If there is a social media related list without Guy Kawasaki, it will snow in the middle of August. He is a phenomenon, and he has shaped the art of social media like no one else has done. Together with Peg Fitzpatrick he created a manual on how you create the perfect social media post.


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The 10 best copywriting formulas for social media headlines by Buffer

To be an efficient writer keep your tools handy. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. If you are looking for great social media engagement the next 10 copywriting formulas will help you out. Always remember “Before – After – Bridge”, “Identify – Agitate – Solve” and “F.A.B.”.

20 Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest Features You Didn’t Know Existed (But Totally Should) by HubSpot

And then there is HubSpot, an enormous source of information. It’s huge! Correct me if I am wrong, but you use social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram every day, even though they are constantly changing. We meet new features and we wave some of them goodbye. Thanks to HubSpot you stay up to date. Let’s jump right in.

19 simple twitter retweet tips by Shéa Bennett

Looking for more Retweets? Of course you do. It’s about time you get to know Shéa Bennett. He came up with 19 simple Twitter tips that get more retweets – and the best part, it takes 2 minutes or less!

Search Content vs. Social Content by SEMrush

The truth is, what works on social media doesn’t necessarily work on search. Do you know ‘why’ same content published on both social media and search often fails to deliver results? Did you ever ask yourself how to develop and optimise a content marketing strategy that best suits your digital channels? And what about the morning after, how do you intelligently report content marketing success using audience metrics? Find our more via Daniel Hochuli presentation and get to know more.

Why Social Media Chat Bots Are the Future of Communication by Jan Rezab

Is your social media strategy 2017 proof? Did you know 2016 was the year of bots? What about ‘App Fatigue’? Jan Rezab, Founder and Chairman of Socialbakers, will provide you with some more insights about the evolution of of bots.

That was our contribution to the list of best social media slide decks. Did we miss any? If so, we would love to hear about your favourite one(s).