By definition, a community manager is responsible for advocating the brand on social networks.  Community managers often face a task that seems impossible to regular human beings – to create a community out of absolutely nothing. But believe it or not, it’s possible and almost every community manager knows which tools to use and how much time it takes to grow your company’s community.

Do you need a community manager? Here are 10 ways a community manager can improve your company:

1. Killer social media strategy

Looking to take your social media to the next level? Hire a community manager!

Every company, even corporations, need to have active social media accounts. Community managers are aware of the importance of social media and they know how to manipulate it in the best way to engage with current and future customers. Their social media strategy focuses on goals and most community managers will tell you that they spend at least 1 hour per day engaging with their potential community.

2. Creating valuable content

Community managers are also aware of the importance of content. Bringing unique and valuable information to customers will convince them to use your product and to have them come back for more until they become a member of the company’s community.

Community managers know the importance of having their own unique content in order to position themselves as the absolute experts in the niche in which they operate. They also tend to work hand-in-hand with the content manager, but sometimes you also see that the community manager occupies both roles.

3. Tone of voice can make or break a relationship

Community managers are the best communicators. They know what the customer will feel before they even contact them and they optimise their message to make sure it’s relatable, presentable and most importantly; presents the corporation as “open to conversation”. They know that grammatically correct sentences and a good dose of a sense of humour are important elements to gaining trust.

As a corporation, you can’t afford to make communicative mistakes when talking to your current or potential customers.

4. Having genuine interest in customers

Community management is a long-term mission that requires several steps before you start seeing results. And one of those steps is taking genuine interest in customers without having the sales approach many companies tend use from the first email. Creating relationships takes time and a lot of that time is spent on showing genuine interests and no sales talk.

5. Always keeping up with trends

Along with having a killer social media strategy, community managers keep up with new trends and think about how to use it to the company’s advantage as soon as they happen. They are the ones that can tell you when Snapchat makes a new update or when a community event is happening around the office.

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6. Awesome organisational skills

Every community manager must have awesome organisational skills. When it comes to corporate community management, here are a few secrets that every community manager uses to stay organised:

  • Mondays are for reports and preparing for the week

Even if the reports are due on Friday, they know that they will start receiving hundreds of emails through the week. They prioritise internal office events and meetings first and then get to external things later.

  • Replying to every email and reach Inbox Zero

Corporate community managers know they have to reply to every email and reach inbox zero by the end of the week. They know how to hack their inbox to prioritise emails – nothing escapes them.

  • Visual boards

They usually have visual boards in the office and create a monthly calendar where they put in monthly events to stay on top of everything.

  • Communicating with all departments

They are usually one of the main communication points for all departments – sales, marketing, product, partnerships – every single one of them needs to go through a community manager at some point.

7. Understanding the importance of in-office community management

Community management doesn’t just happen outside of the office – community managers work tightly with the HR department and work on in-office events. The best way to spread the word to the outside world is through your own employees!

8. They keep an eye on the competition

The job of a community manager can sometimes be rather complex, especially in large corporations. One of their responsibilities is to keep an eye on what their competitors are doing to gather communities and then figure out how to beat them. Ask any corporate community manager what competitors are doing on social media, and they will be able to give you all information real quick.

9. Always alert

Community managers are, along with all the above-mentioned things, some of the most alert people you can find in the company. They know what is going on 24/7 and have a real passion for brand awareness, marketing, content and social media. They are the voice of the company. They build relationships. They know how to listen. In short, they are the magical ingredient every company needs if they want to take their business to the next level.

10. Bringing the company back to life

If your company is currently struggling to distribute tasks and does not quite know how to communicate with customers, investing in a community manager, or hiring a social media agency like ours, will help you bring it back to life.

Along with all nine qualities we have listed above, a community manager will not only inspire your marketing department, but be an inspiration for the entire team.

So, what do you say? Do you want us to inspire your team and create a killer social media strategy that will get you far ahead of the competition? Great. Then leave your details below and we will get in touch to take your online presence to the next level.

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