February, that went by quickly. While we wave the second month of the year goodbye, we’re already looking forward to Spring. But, wait a minute: before you put your head in the light blue sky … it’s time for a little social media flashback. Like we already told you, as a team of social media storytellers and community masterminds, we all have our own favorite communities and brands we like to follow to get inspired. In this February edition, Eva will share her favorite social media updates!


Make sure you follow these guys, because they do epic social media stuff. I like how their communication is so extremely recognizable … like always! Whether they reached a milestone, are looking for interns or setting up a giveaway: they keep surprising. Have you already tried the Trump Stump?


Valentine’s Day, you hate it or you love it. As a community manager, these kinds of days are the moments on which we pull our creativity to another level. And so did BMW. This Facebook Milestone tells it all.


On Friday February 17th, we were sad, and we still are. Dick Bruna, Nijntje’s father, passed away. HEMA, Dutch pur sang, came up with an original Facebook post quite quickly.


I don’t have anything to do with cars: they’re just driving me from point A to B. Mid February, in Germany, a man in a Tesla Model S saw a Volkswagen Passat swerving erratically on the Autobahn, slamming against a guardrail multiple times. When he noticed that the person behind the wheel was unconscious, the Tesla driver sprang into action. By doing so, he saved the 47 year-old Passat driver’s life. This situation was all over the global news. On Twitter, Elon Musk praised the Tesla driver and made clear Tesla is in charge for all the costs on his Tesla Model S.


Told you so; February, the time of the year social media managers go really high on top topical content! And so did KITKAT. We all know them from their tasty chocolate snacks and their amazing social media communication. What they did on February 14th puts – without any doubt – a smile on your face!


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