Everybody loves influential online marketers and here is why: they are inspiring and they know how to turn social media into a complete money-making business platform.  These people know what they are doing, without doubt! So following them allows you to stay ahead of the online trends. Here they are: ranging from travel and sports to YouTube influencers you absolutely must follow right now!

Let us start out with…

1. Gary Vaynerchuck

Best known for: Vayner Media

Gary Vaynerchuck is the man you have most definitely heard about when it comes to social media marketing. He provides us with a fresh outlook (and a lot of curse words) on business management and content creation, and puts it to practice in his own company, Vayner Media. He is known to be one of the most disruptive speech makers and the go-to guy for social media advice. What Gary does differently from everyone else on this list is he gives free advice – just call in to one of his shows!

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2. Neil Patel

Best known for: Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and Kissmetrics platforms

Neil Patel’s advice is always read by many and he is probably one of the most recognised online marketers in the world. He worked with many famous brands and is now sharing his marketing knowledge with his audience. Neil is the guy that will teach you how to become a go-getter instead of waiting around for things to happen.

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3. Mari Smith

Best known for: Facebook marketing

When thinking about Facebook, many think about Mark Zuckerberg. But if you have spent enough time in the online marketing world, Mari Smith is probably the name that stands out more. She has been named as one of the top 10 social media power influences by Forbes for several years in a row and was even selected by the very own Facebook to be their Small Business and Facebook Marketing expert. And hey, if you want to become a Facebook ads expert yourself, check this guide on how to get started with Facebook ads.

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4. Casey Neistat

Best known for: Impressive YouTube content creation

Casey Neistat started his online marketing career on YouTube and managed to separate himself from the crowd by introducing a unique way of filming and editing his videos, for instance by using vlogs. He soon started producing sponsored content and has worked with many famous brands since then, including Nike.

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5. Lily Singh

Best known for: iiSuperwomanii YouTube channel

This Indo-Canadian vlogger is one of the most popular stars on YouTube. Unlike Casey Neistat, she used YouTube for comedy-related content. Lily Singh creates relatable comedy videos using trending topics and tells the story by playing different personas. She recently released her first feature film and has also landed a national YouTube ad campaign. Her videos are viewed by millions and her content is a never ending stream of inspiration, featuring some of the most impressive celebrities.

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6. James Corden

Best known for: Late Late Show host

James Corden was one of the first late night talk show hosts to utilise social media platforms to boost his ratings and attract masses of views. Carpool Karaoke is what skyrocketed James Corden into the world of online influencers. His videos, where some of the world’s biggest celebrities do ordinary human things like sing to their own top hits, are one of the most watched on YouTube.

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7. Kayla Itsines

Best known for: Bikini Body Guides

Kayla Itsines managed to turn her social media accounts into an impressive fitness empire and became a worldwide sensation with her Bikini Body Guides. She has over millions of followers and her original guides have successfully expanded into fitness apps and her empire is still growing strong (and fit).

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8. Jimmy Kimmel

Best known for: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Much like James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel took it to social media to engage and interact with the audience on his late night talk show. What Jimmy Kimmel is extremely good at is audience engagement and creating trending topics that make his videos go viral at any given time. He has completely revolutionised the talk show scene and used YouTube as a medium that connects the online world back to television.

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9. Jeremy Jauncey

Best known for: Beautiful Destinations Instagram channel

Jeremy Jauncey turned Instagram into an impressive travel photography portfolio that is inspiring millions around the world. He was one of the first to turn his Instagram account into a full time job, allowing him to travel to some of the most charming spots of the world. Since then, he expanded his Instagram account into a powerful social media company that helps double Instagram followers to fellow travel companies.

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10. Mark Mason

Best known for: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Mark Mason has a pretty impressive writing portfolio and one of his most notable skills is to give advice that is actually useful in today’s society. His blog posts are read by millions and his book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, is a New York Times’ bestseller. Whether you are looking for real life advice or are just looking to be entertained, Mark Mason’s content will definitely make you think.

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Who are your favourite online marketers? Who inspires you?