Getting engagement is one of the most important KPIs for any social media manager – and if it’s not, it should be.  Engagement can lead to possible conversions and a larger following. So why is it that so many companies fail to get comments, likes and shares on their social media posts? We share 6 reasons why you might not get any engagement on your social media platforms. As a bonus, we also suggest how you can easily fix them.

1. Your goals aren’t clearly defined

Anyone who has aimlessly posted on social media before can tell you that without structure, there are no results. However, if you would be lucky to yield results, you probably would not know how to repeat them…and that is a problem. Therefore, setting your social media goals and strategy is important for any manager. Here is how you can easily define your goals:

  • Pick 3 measurable KPIs (key performance indicators), such as the follower count, reach, comments, etc.
  • Set your weekly / monthly social media budget.
  • Define your strategy by researching the behaviour of your consumers (it doesn’t matter whether they are your followers or not).

2. You’re not engaging with your audience

How do you expect engagement from your followers when you are not engaging with them yourself? One of the best tricks to boost your engagement is to search the hashtag of your niche and leave genuine comments – start networking and the network will come back to you!

  • Search by hashtags and engage with other users.
  • Follow others and share and comment on their content.
  • Always reply to your own comments!
  • Set up Google Alerts for whenever someone mentions your account name or invest in an application like Hootsuite that lets you easily setup a trigger alert when someone mentions your niche.

3. You don’t post enough content

If your existing content isn’t getting enough engagement, there is a chance nobody is seeing it and it gets drowned on the newsfeed by other accounts who post more regularly. With recent social media algorithm changes, each platform has different rules on how the content is featured – so make sure you post enough content.

  • Study the algorithm changes on each platform and find out which content is preferred – add it to your strategy.
  • Create a clear posting schedule and stick to it!
  • Invest in a social media management software that will help you stay on top of your posting – it’s easy to get overwhelmed!

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4. You post too much content

Just as much as your content can get drowned by others’ content if you don’t post enough, your audience can hide and unfollow you if you post too much. There needs to be a good enough balance between how often you post. You can find it by analysing the accounts of your competitors, and getting to know the algorithms of social media platforms.

  • Spend some time looking at your competitors’ accounts and note what they’re doing to get engagement.
  • Reduce your content and categorise it – on Mondays post about this topic, Tuesdays something else, Wednesdays another thing, and so on. Your readers will know what to expect rather than coming to a messy account.

5. You’re not posting quality content

Ever since people realised you can make money from social media, the quality of social media content has reached new heights, and you need to adjust to it. Posting quality content means two separate things – first, make sure your content is high definition, and second, it must bring substance. Studies have shown people use social media for mainly two things: as a form of escapism or to gain valuable information. Find out which of those your channel should belong to and work towards content that would bring your audience what they’re looking for.

  • Again, look at your competitors’ social media and note down everything you like about their content. See how you can adapt it to your own strategy.
  • Make sure you utilise the platform’s updates. Many now use Instagram Stories to promote their daily YouTube videos, blog posts, or even share exclusive news with their followers.
  • Your content should also depend on the platform you’re posting on – your Twitter audience might prefer different content than your Instagram audience.

6. You’re not reaching your audience

Last but not least, if you’re using everything above and still aren’t getting engagement, there is a chance you’re not reaching your audience or enough audience to notice any significant spikes in your engagement reports. This is where hashtags, direct messages, offering something of value, and fantastic customer service come in. To reach the right audience, you must use correct hashtags. But what should you do when this is not enough to make a real impact on your KPIs?

  • Utilise Facebook Ads and specifically target your audience to interact with your business. You can do so by boosting a Facebook post, or create regular ads.
  • Always make sure your social media links are present in every email, and that your website is linked to your accounts.
  • Offer something of value to your audience (create a useful How-To eBook, offer a course, let them know about a sale, create a giveaway, make a contest, collaborate with another account and so on. The list is endless.)
  • Work with influencers. They’re your best way to direct their own audience towards you, especially if you’re already utilising the above steps, but still aren’t getting any significant engagement. Find out who the influencers are in your niche and either pay them for advertising, or focus on smaller accounts with a similar number of following and agree on a collaboration.

And that’s it! If you’re new to social media strategies, start working on these steps slowly, and if you need any help, we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction. There are hundreds of ways how you can bring engagement to your accounts, but the most important thing is to start – you’ll learn as you go along!

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