The only thing we throwback is a glass of wine, a famous Pinterest quote told us. At WE LIKE YOU we don’t throwback, because you’re (or your brand is) not going that way. Monthly habits need to be challenged and that’s why we have come up with a few remarkable social media updates we have noticed in March 2017.


Kudos for the social media department of NS Online, Dutch Railways. I love how they communicate in a straight forward manner and how they set up their community management; daring but fair. Flashback to the day they replied to a Feyenoord fan, magnificent! With 231 Retweets and 513 Favourites, this reply went extremely viral.

Copy = @fryouri1908 It’s hard to say. On this track we are still working, for six years. 


Looking for a delicious lunch (or dinner) in the Antwerp neighbourhood, you definitely have to pay a visit to Poule & Poulette. If you are a crazy chicken lady/man, then you better check out this Antwerp-based chain; it’s amazing! Poule & Poulette is booming, and is settling down their brand in several surrounding cities. And expanding equals Facebook announcements. * Ho btw, recently they serve Churros as well.

Copy = Call the press! We have some great news to share! Find out more tomorrow! 

NICE Fruitijsjes

Spring equals ice cream, ice cream equals NICE Fruitijsjes. We go head over heels, when it comes to funny and subtle GIFs. We all notice the shape of a ‘smile’, while several types of fruits passed by. This Instagram post combined ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ – times with one of things which made NICE Fruitijsjes so damn special, biological fruit. Hey, NICE Fruitijsjes we become as happy as you are when it’s about biological fruit!

Copy = Happy times, Spring is in town! 

Blij dat het weer lente is! ?#gelukkigvanfruit #nicefruitijsjes

Een bericht gedeeld door NICE fruitijsjes (@nicefruitijsjes) op


He who laughs last, laughs best. We already know that loves joking around in their community management. Once again they did a marvellous job. When 2 friends decided to prank their friend and birthday girl with a fake coupon from, the company immediately stood up for poor Daisy and gave her the best birthday gift ever. Payback and a real coupon with a personal message from the social media team.

Copy = When your friends come up with a – gift, but in the end it’s a joke. Thanks a lot Peter and Kim. I am still laughing, what about you? 

5 Awesome Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed - March Recap

5 Awesome Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed - March Recap


Fine, I am not a direct member of their target group – besides, I always grab AXE while my boyfriend ask me to bring shower gel from the supermarket. Anyway, I like their campaigns and their social media activities because mostly they bring a huge smile on my face. It’s nice to see how they transfer their #YouGotSomething campaign through social media. Especially when they reactivate their Facebook fans by asking questions and introducing a Facebook carousel post. Nicely done! It’s true AXE BELGIUM, You Got Something.

Copy = Every man got that something extra. Tell us what’s makes you so unique. Who knows, a super – experience is coming your way! #YouGotSomething

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