In 2017 it seems like every single brand or person is on social media.

 Even dogs have their own Instagram profile nowadays.  Still, some brands refuse to incorporate social media in their marketing strategy.

We have listed four reasons why brands don’t use social media and four reasons why they definitely should.

1. My customers are not active on social media.

Some people gather their information in an old school fashion. For them traditional media such as television, newspaper and radio are their primary sources of information.

They haven’t embraced the digital age yet, so why should your brand? Your customers might not be active on the web…yet. Embrace this opportunity, and experiment on social media.

Try platforms where your customers might be present in the future, experiment with posts, pictures, phrases and so on. Following from this, you are prepared for your customers when they discover the online world.

2. Social media is too time consuming.

Often small businesses think being active on social media isn’t worth the time. They give priority to other marketing tools and goals.

Integrating social media in your marketing plan from the start will help you achieve your goals rather than costing you valuable time. Do you want to build a loyal customer base? Being active on social media lets you connect and build a relationship with your customers.

Do you want to work on your customer service? Twitter and Facebook are both quick and efficient ways to communicate. You don’t have to say goodbye to your old marketing tools. Find the perfect mix between digital and traditional and let them strengthen each other.

3. Social media can hurt my reputation

Being present on social media makes it easier for unhappy customers to post negative comments and complaints about your brand on your page.

This can scare brands and keep them off all social platforms. In a way, we can compare it with gossip. You are not there to defend yourself. Negative comments can be turned into positive ones. It’s a public demonstration of good customer service that wins over your current customer again and can convince future ones. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

4. We don’t have enough content to post on social media.

There is always interesting content to share about your company; fun facts, behind the scenes, new products, testimonials and so on.  Brands often think they have to post every day to stay relevant. This is not necessary. Sharing sector related articles on a regular basis helps you stand out from other brands. People will perceive your brand as “expert” in your field.

Convinced social media is the way to go for your brand or do you need a few more reasons why you should go social? WE LIKE YOU is there to guide you through the online jungle!

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