With monthly updates the Instagram app can be difficult to keep up with sometimes.

That’s why we summed up the latest features to keep you up-to-date in the wonderful world of Instagram. Are you ready to discover them all? 

Multiple Image & Video Posts

We all know the struggle. Which picture shall I post?  For everyone who can’t choose which picture of your birthday party you are going to post, Instagram created the slideshow option. The swipeable carousel option now let’s you post up to 10 pictures or video’s at once.  10 at once, crazy! Now you can post your birthday cake, party outfit and group pictures without spamming your friend’s feeds.

In my opinion a carrousel album is perfect for brands! They can post more pictures of their new collection in one go and gives them more room for creativity. Personally I am not using the new option. Long live #Throwbackthursday en #latergram pics!

Streamlined Disappearing Messages

Snapchat remains to be the biggest inspiration for Instagram nowadays. After Instagram Stories, also their direct message feature got a serious Snapchat make-over. Regular private messages, shared posts, and disappearing photos and videos can all be found in one place now so you can easily go back and forth with friends in the same thread.

Instagram Live Videos Are Now Saved

Instagram live is a good way to interact with your followers. The big disadvantage? Once your live broadcast has ended the video is gone forever. With the new update Instagram Live broadcasts can now be saved onto your camera roll and be shared on all your social media accounts in just a few clicks.

Instagram Adds Collections To Organize Bookmarked Posts

A while ago, Instagram added a feature to save certain posts. They would all appear together in a private tab on your profile. Now Instagram made it possible to organize your saved items in “collections”. We can hear u thinking, “Oh like Pinterest?”. The answer is: Yes, like Pinterest, with one small difference. The collections on Instagram are private, so for your eyes only.

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