Hey, where did April go?

Time sure flies. Before we fully welcome the May we look back at some remarkable social media updates we have noticed in April 2017. The first of April, Easter…  Perfect opportunities for brands to show their most funny side and surprise us with their originality … and oh boy a few brands really did their best!


One thing we love more here at WELIKE YOU than a good prank is the opportunity to prank your friends.  Burger King Belgium heard our prayers and came up with one hell of a ‘first of April’ prank. With the first Belgian Burger King opening soon they perfectly picked up the hype. Where will the first Burger King open?  The brand made a website tool to prank your friends thinking the first restaurant would open in their town. People could share this customized article on their Facebook wall. Well played Burger King, well played! 

Copy = Now it’s your turn to prank your friends! Make them believe, the first Burger King restaurant will open in their village. 



Sometimes the simplest posts can make us smile. Just like the video Lush UK Oxford Street posted.
The brand, known for their products that can turn you bathtub in a piece of art, made an animated video of their most colorful bath bombs. Animated alien bath bombs in their galaxy, cute pink ones, fierce green ones. Yep, we can’t wait to buy one!


Between all the Easter posts of chocolate Easter eggs and Easter bunnies we found a post that really made us laugh. Innocent described a few situations that can occur on your Easter holiday break. What you say you are going to do VS what you are really going to do. Our favorite one? 

  • What you say you are going to do: Plan a sportive weekend, go biking in the wonderful nature.
  • What you actually do: Think about your bicycle that is in the garage. Think of all the spiders living there. Cancel that biking trip.

Copy = What about your Easter-plans? 


We saved the best for last! The radio channel Studio Brussel is known for their witty posts on social media. Always following up on the latest trends and what’s happening in the world. But this time they really blew us away and made history with their media stunt.  To announce the new location for “Music for life” they made Linde Merckpoel jump out of a helicopter. Crazy, right? They broadcasted everything on all their channels including Facebook Live. They also included the viewers by asking their likes. More likes = More cities scratched out on the map. We are still amazed by this spectacular stunt. We want more Studio Brussel!

Copy = Only 181 likes, and we will scratch another village. 

4 Awesome Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed - April Recap

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