Many brands still don’t incorporate customer service into their social strategy, despite the fact social media networks like Facebook are one of the best places in which to turn your customers’ negative comments into brand opportunities.  Facebook is now facing a shift from an entertainment platform to a customer care tool (the so called social care). WE LIKE YOU was present at the most recent VLCM meetup, where social care was hot topic. Brands like Telenet, Coolblue (yep, ‘Everything for a smile!’), and Brussels Airlines came to talk about how they deal with customer care on social media. So let’s explain on how to implement social care for your brand, shall we?

A big part of the reason many customers take to social media to complain or reach out is because they’re simply looking for a quick and effective solution to their problem. Most customers are engaging on your brand’s social media channels before they even pick up their phone. This behavior presents brands with the opportunity to resolve issues before they escalate. But the first step is being aware of these conversations. Ready to get to know the next steps?

Avoid a social media nightmare

It’s important to give an answer to every comment or question. It takes just a few seconds and if you do, you build up a strong relationship with your customer. If you don’t do so, the longer that negative complaints and unhappy customers are left to simmer on social media, the more time and greater chance for the situation to get worse and go viral. That’s why being quick and being proactive in scanning social media for signs of trouble, and then responding as soon as you can is the best way to deflate a potential social media nightmare for your brand.

Time is key

An answer is most of the time quickly given, but when you are dealing with a complex question, it is more likely that you can’t solve this problem in less than half an hour. Of course that’s not a disaster, as long as you stay honest and transparent in your communication. Time is absolutely key when it comes to responding to customer complaints and other issues on social media. Several studies have found that the majority of customers expect a response over social media within the same day. So if it takes you hours or days to respond, as it does for many companies, you will probably need to rethink your strategy.

Social care is care. Period.

Showing empathy and responding in a kind and thoughtful way while actively working to solve a customer’s problem on social media is a great way to show others that your brand cares about them and their happiness. When customers feel that you’re listening to their problem and you are actively investing time and effort in helping them work it out, it’ll immediately boost your chances of resolving the issue.

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