Oh, Instagram. The place where cute puppy pictures, nice latte art and outfit of the day pictures come together. What’s not to love? It’s the perfect platform for brands to stand out from the crowd. Also Belgian Fashion brand LolaLiza couldn’t live without the photo sharing app. We listed 5 reasons why LolaLiza really hearts Instagram.

#01 – LolaLiza loves talking with their customers

One of their favorite things about Instagram is the interaction with their followers. Every day they get tagged in beautiful happy customer pics showing off their clothes and regram their favorites. Instagram is the perfect place to join the Lolaliza family. You can share your new outfits, comment on your favorite posts and most of all interact with eachother. Each problem or question can be handled in a quick and easy way so people feel at home. Talking to LolaLiza is like talking to your best friend.

Some bold colours, prints and sunnies: all you need to kick off the weekend in style! ??#friyay #lolalizafashion

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#02 – LolaLiza loves getting to know their followers

By following you, people will learn a lot about your brand. Your products, your style and what you stand for. But also the other way around, brands learn a lot from their followers. With a few clicks you can view who’s following you. What do they do in their free time? What do they wear? Getting to know your followers makes your brand stronger!

#03 – LolaLiza loves getting feedback 

All social media platforms have one thing in common. It’s fast! In just a few seconds content can travel across the world through the world wide web. Very quickly you can get feedback from your fans. Good and negative comments. This way the brand can easily follow up on their customers wishes and keep on improving themselves. Thanks to all their lovely followers.

#04 – LolaLiza loves telling stories

You can use Instagram for so much more then just sales purposes. Besides posting pictures of your products, promotions or actions it’s the perfect platform for storytelling. People always love a good story. Telling your brands’ story in a visually stimulating way let’s you connect with your followers. It show them you are more then just a brand. You are a brand with personality. LolaLiza gave the perfect example with their #PerfectImperfection pictures. A story about perfection, which is totally boring in case you didn’t know yet.

#05 – LolaLiza loves fun

Just admit it..Instagram is a lot of fun. The power of the platform is the simplicity. Nice visuals, strong captions and some funny emojis. That’s all you need. Just scroll and get inspired. Scroll through the LolaLiza feed for some happy vibes. Get inspired by the look of the week, share your own pictures and win a giftcard, behind the scenes footage, happy costumers.. Welcome to a world of fun. The more relaxed and transparent you are on Instagram, the more followers, more engagement, more awareness, and eventually more sales you will get.

When in doubt, add some lipstick! ? #dress #qotd #lolalizafashion

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