WE LIKE YOU wouldn’t miss a thing of the Strategic Marketing Day where strategic marketing, merged with social, is crucial these days.We have gained quite some knowledge with tips, tricks, cases and insights of national and international speakers. Let’s have a recap and show you the most important insights of that day.

#01 – Mobile First

Proximus showed us how we are moving to a mobile world. For giving an example, 60% of all the purchases on Zalando is done through mobile, and 40% of the Netflix watchers watch it online on their smartphone. I can not refute this, because I enjoy scrolling around the Zalando app. If I see something that I like, I place it into the basket, and pay. That’s it. Quick and easy, and you don’t even have to move out of the couch for this.

#02 – FOMO

We are all part of communities, and we are all connected with each other. People cannot miss anything what happens in these communities and this causes a lot of stress. It’s called FOMO, a.k.a. Fear Of Missing Out. The consumers, and especially the Millennials and Generation Z, are moving to another reality where mobile is highly needed. They stay in contact with friends through WhatsApp, search for information through Facebook and Twitter on their smartphone and they even have more need to the internet than receiving free minutes to call someone. I experience this every day. Not only with my friends, but also during working hours and after working hours. At WE LIKE YOU, we constantly communicate with each other through Slack and WhatsApp. It’s a quick tool to discuss something or mention some to do’s. It makes work and communication a lot easier. The Millennials and Generation Z receive so many information through the internet, it is important to stay relevant in your communication. You have to stick to your roots and re-invent yourself. Key is to remain close to your DNA, what you stand for. Millennials are digital natives and they expect every kind of service as easy and efficient. They raise the bar of customer experience really high. In that case it’s important to re-invent the way you understand your customers needs and the way you interact with your customers. Customers first, that’s for sure.

#03 – Think. Trial. Track. Triumph.

Karel Demeester was talking about new challenges and a changing environment. The danger in digital transformation is not that risky as climbing a mountain, but if you don’t go with the flow and don’t do it, you’ll probably gonna die. It’s important to claim it on the right time. You have to jump on the digital transformation train before any brand already uses it. Being the first in something is being ahead to other brands. And that’s what makes your brand unique. Diversify, or die.

How are you going to use digital to get the product into the hands of the consumer? Karel explained us 4 insights on digital – Think. Trial. Track. Triumph:

  1. Digital as an enable: First thing, digital is not the goal. It’s a powerful enabler to drive customer relevance and reach your business goals. Set your goals in line with your strengths and ambitions. Map your omnichannel decision journey and select your projects and tactics carefully.
  2. Digital as a way of working: Second, digital is about a new way of working. It’s about thinking big, start small, test and learn, and – not to forget – selecting your team and partners.
  3. Digital as a bridge within the customer journey: Third thing is that digital is like a bridge. You need to constantly track the customer journey.
  4. Digital as an impact on the whole organization: Last but not least, become a guide yourself and get the whole organization at the top by training and developing your personal objectives. Scale across multiple channels and prepare for a bigger mountain. Never be satisfied, continue and restart the journey.


#04 – How To Run A Content-First Business

At WE LIKE YOU, we mainly focus on content, even at our own organization. We urge to write a blog post two or three times a week and share it through our digital and social media channels on a regular base. The main reason for this is that we want to show our expertise on Social Media Management, Digital Strategy and Community Management so that we are reachable for our target audience. Not only we use this effective strategy for ourselves, we give this advise also to our clients.

Joe Pulizzi is thé founder of Content Marketing Institute, and explained us how to use your content right. Instead of communication through someone else’s channel, organizations create and distribute their own amazing information and building up audiences. Creating their own channels, their own blogs with valuable and relevant information. Most of the content organizations create have 30% success rate. So why are we not doing well with content marketing? Most of the content is campaign based. It’s important to focus on what are the needs of our customers and then you build up a marketing strategy. First build an audience, and then monetize it. Follow the steps of the Content Inc Model.

Content inc model

Define what your sweet spot is. On the one side, think about the audience you are targeting. You can only target one at a time. Find a niche where you can be the leading expert in the world. Everyone stops at the sweet spot, hardly anyone tilts the content. So what do all media companies do that you don’t do with your content? Find your area differentiation and create a content marketing mission statement. Focus on content type, platform and deliver consistently. Build an audience of opt-in subscribers with an amazing e-newsletter and remarkable download. The final and most important thing is that the content you create is monetizable. To end his presentation, he told us that you have to create value for your audience first, then you can extract the value. A truly wise man, that Mr. Joe Pulizzi.

#05 – The Content Walhalla

Consumers receive a tsunami of information. 1000 of messages coming our way each day. It is very hard to be seen by our customers – and the more – it is very hard to be trusted by our customers. Trust can not be bought. It must be earned. How can you create great content? How can you make sure that the content gets distributed? This will eventually lead to content consumption. Therefore you have to build more credible content by different means. User generated content is trusted way more than traditional media. For example, people share 24% more messages when it’s shared by an employee of a company. Testimonials are getting more important, and the more personal it gets, the more relevant it will be for the customers. Content is critical, but relevance is king! Let’s take that in mind.

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