If you don’t want to rely solely on SEO, and really want to get your brand front of people quickly, then your next best thing is to focus on Social Media.The way people react on different social media channels regarding brands and e-commerce are way too different. Instagram is totally the new black, or well, something like that. So let’s figure out how you can stand out as a brand on Instagram.

#01 – Build up a consistent image brand

People do like consistency, there’s no way you can get around with that as a brand. Which is why branding your images is crucial, especially on Instagram. In people’s minds, consistency equates trust. So when people view your brand as trustworthy, they are more likely to purchase from you. There are two things you have to take in mind when going along with Instagram: create consistent visuals ànd have a color scheme to work with. It’s easy to get lost in what to create for your posts, but make sure that your posts are – next to consistency – reflecting your brand values. The key is to stay recognizable. All your interactions and engagement on Instagram will be accompanied by your profile pic. Make sure it’s something recognizable and professional!

For example, take a look at Panos Belgium (Facebook + Instagram). They really heart visual consistence. Do you like their typical and recognizable style as much as we do?

#02 – Use #Hastags

One of the most amazing things about Instagram is its ability of organic search. Instagram is not only a social media platform, it is also a search engine. But whereas Google uses keywords as part of its ranking, Instagram uses hashtags which can be used to be easily found in the search section of Instagram. Make sure that your hashtag is popular enough to get searches. On the flip side of this, if you use no hashtags at all, you will never – ever – show up in search because Instagram will have no way of categorizing your image. So let’s take the next things in mind: definitely use hashtags and make sure that they are relevant to your post. For example, the Belgian fashion brand LolaLiza claimed #LolaLizaFashion, and is communicating this particular hashtag is several ways.

New: shades of blue, bright white and ethnical embroidery. A collection we ❤️. #new #lolalizafshion

Een bericht gedeeld door LolaLiza (@lolalizafashion) op

#03 – Increase Traffic

Before people hit Follow on your Instagram, they have to click through to your profile. So make sure the last thing people see before deciding to follow you is a catchy and informative bio. This is a very important piece to the puzzle: make sure you add your store’s link in your bio area. Take advantage of that bio link to increase traffic to your promoted content. It’s impossible to create traffic when adding links to your Instagram feeds, because these are not clickable. The one of the only clickable URLs that you can put in Instagram is in your Bio Link. It’s important to craft a bio that appeals to the Instagram community you want to reach and reflects the tone of the images you plan to share. But, as we speak Instagram is testing several ways to insert clickable URL’s in copy.

#04 – Invite Ambassadors

Word-of-mouth is still the best way of advertising. Create a team of ambassadors who spread the benefits of your brand to all their followers. Encourage your Instagram followers to post photos and reviews, even by rewarding them with an incentive. That way you can reach another target group that you may couldn’t target them before, and you’ll see you’ll reach many more users. A lot of consumers make purchases influences by a brand’s social media, so the more people sharing and praising your brand, the more opportunities you have to convince customers to buy.

#05 – Engagement Is A Plus

Are you looking for new content to post? Your customers can be your greatest resources. User generated content is trusted more than any other type of media. So it should definitely play a huge role in your e-commerce branding. It is always a great idea to encourage your customers to share photos of their experiences with your brand. For example, every month Poule & Poulette reward one #PPmoment, by sharing a Poule & Poulette giftcard. That way you can engage with your audience, and it creates a ready-to-post content for your account. Win-win!

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