Wanna know something shocking?

It’s already June! Yes, I know, it feels like May just started.  So let’s do a little throwback in honour of May “the month that ended so soon”. We share some some remarkable social media updates we have noticed in May 2017.


Do you rembember  the epic selfie Ellen Degeneres took at the oscars back in 2014 ? Celebs  such as Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts showed their perfect Colgate smile. Angelina Jolie standing next to Brad Pitt was waving in the back. You couldn’t have missed it. It was the most retweeted picture of all time … Until now! An American teenager broke that record by asking … wait for it … FREE CHICKENNUGGETS.  ‘How may retweets for a year of free chickennuggets?’ The answer? 18 million! He didn’t reach the 18 million but surpassed the 3,43 miljoen from the Oscar Selfie.  Wendy’s rewarded the guy with a 100.000 check he could donate to a charity of his choice. Just a reminder that anything is possible in the crazy internet world!


May … That means Summer is (almost) around the corner! Perfect weather for late nights in the jacuzzi. Something Aldi also must have thought. They offered a cheap hottub and the internet went wild. The hottub started a real social media hype and was sold out in no time. Praxis Bouwmarkt saw the perfect opportunity and used the hype for their advantage. “For all the Aldi people that were just a little too late” we can read on their post together with their own special hottub offer. Brands that keep up to date with the latest trends and use them in a correct way is something that makes us very very very happy! 


Cute and funny. That’s the best way to describe the style of Tic Tac. They use their product, the small oval candy, in a very playfull way which works wonders for their engagement. The best posts are often the most simple ones.  They create simple and fun drawings around the candy and stimulate interaction with their followers. In this post they created a famous movescene staring “ a tic tac candy” and asked their followers to guess the movie which resulted in a lot of followers commenting on the post with their guesses. A perfect example that your product doesn’t always have to be the main focus of the post, but can be used in a more subtle way.


We love a touch of nostalgia. Arbys, the American sandwich shop transported us back to the flashy 90’s with their Gif staring a ”tamagotchi”. It’s been a few years– how do you feed these things, again? We can read in the caption. We instantly got homesick to our younger years were our biggest concerns were keeping our “Tamagotch“ alive, getting that new Furby for your birthday and learning all the words tot the newest Spice girls song.

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