Can we go back in time? Can we? While writing this blogpost I can’t believe my 8 weeks as an intern at WLY are coming to an end. It feels like yesterday when I met Eva and Joyce for the first time in a coffeebar for my interview.  The most fun intern interview I ever had, that’s for sure! The internship was completely voluntary. I finished all school stuff but wanted to gain more experience before truly entering the adult life.

Early April the time has finaly come. My first day at WELIKEYOU.

One of my first tasks. Discovering the wonderfull world of LolaLiza. In my previous internships I took care of their social media accounts but LolaLiza was the biggest one I had to handle so far. And oh boy, most dedicated fans I ever saw. Now answering questions, commenting and interacting became a daily routine. Later on I helped with some copy for the brand. Even now I still find it pretty cool seeing phrases I wrote shining on the website or in the newletters.

  • My most exciting moment of my internship? My first blogpost for WE LIKE YOU that was published! I was one happy and proud kiddo.  I really enjoyed writing blogposts for WE LIKE YOU because I could write about my passion. All things social media and brand related.
  • Second most exciting moment? The rooftop terrace! #lunchwithaview

  • The aspect I loved the most about my internship? The variation! Next to fashion I could use my other passion : FOOD!
  • The disadvantage? Working for Poule & Poulette, Bistro Mathilda and Bistro Ocean made me hungry every single time!

From fashion and food to… Real estate! When I wrote variation, I wasn’t kidding. ?

My favorite social media action was for Immo Top Invest, a real estate agency in Hasselt. You probably all know ‘’The Chair”, be te first to find the chair and win a vacation. For Immo Top Invest we replaced the chair by a personalized doormat and the vacation by a free dinner. We went live on Facebook and posted on Instagram Stories so people could find us.

Next to creating content an important aspect of the job is making reports. How did the brand perfom on social media? Graphics, numbers … Not the most sexy part of the job, but it’s gotta happen!

I’m sure gonna miss it here!

Much love,

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