You know those brands where you instantly get happy scrolling down their feed?We selected 5 of our favorite lifestyle brands to share those happy vibes with you. 


A group of girls (and a few guys) designing clothes, accessories, gifts, stationery and more in sunny Los Angeles. Their tagline is “We are serious about fun” something you immediately see when scrolling down their insta-feed. Must-follow @shopbando if you love vibrant colours, girly products and funny behind the scenes pictures.

when your @tuleste earrings match your comrade party clutch. earrings and clutches available on

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Also their stories deserve a double tap.  The always enthusiastic employees always get u in a good mood showing their newest products, office shenanigans and special collaborations. Also Facebook and Instagram are used in a brilliant way. Putting their products in the spotlight in a fun and casual way.

Now let’s quickly move on to the next brand before I buy 4 different agenda’s, a sticker book,  2 t-shirts and a phonecase I really don’t need.

#02. Veloretti

If you can make me wanna jump on a bicycle for a joy ride you can work wonders. And that’s exactly what Amsterdam based bicycle brand Veloretti did. Their Insta-feed makes their bicycles look like a must have fashion item. Move over designer handbags, just give me a Verloretti bicycle. The beautiful colourful bikes are available in a lot of different colors. All black or baby blue, the chose is up to you.

Funny detail : besides being pretty they also give you a lot of DIY-fun. Like Ikea you get to set up your bike all by yourself. Also know as “the ultimate relationship test”. Good luck! So go check out Veloretti on Instagram if you don’t believe me when I say bicycles are sexy.

Current mood ☀️ enjoy the sun! ?

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#03. Bamboo granola

With these tropical temperatures going on at the moment the vacation spirit is not far away. For the ultimate vacation vibes follow Bamboo Granola. Never thought Granola would make me long for Bali so hard. Their feed makes me want to move to Bali, live on the beach, surf all day and only eat gorgeous smoothiebowls for the rest of my life.

#04. Shiseido

Sharing art, science and beauty with the world since 1872. The beauty brand uses an original Instagram strategy. They always work with 3 pictures in the same theme so every single row has its own story. Besides picturing their products art takes a big place in their feed. They  dedicate a “Intagram row” to #artistswelove. The art styles are so different from eachother but their Japanese background is never far away. Warning : once you start scrolling it’s very hard to stop. Their feed keeps fascinating us.

#ArtistsWeLove ❤️ Javier Martin #ShareArts #ShareBeauty ? #BeautyEveryday with #Shiseido

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Girly with that cheeky touch. Just how we like it. Clothing company MISSGUIDED let’s us dream of better places with their beautiful clothes, Kick- ass quotes, cool neon and sunny palmtree pictures.  3 times a day they spoil us with their carefully chosen pictures.  Also their Facebook content makes us love them. Same style, different content. On Facebook humour is Queen. Their funny and relatable memes en gifs never fail to put a smile on our face.

Tag one ✖️❤️✖️❤️✖️❤️✖️❤️ #missguided

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There you go folks! Five great examples to get you started. Have an interesting Instagram account to share? Let us know.

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