I can’t wait for Thursday to throwback.

That’s why, today, I share my 5 lessons learnt from Growth Hacking Conference 2017. If you’ve followed my personal Twitter/Instagram account or WE LIKE YOU’s recently, it was crystal clear that Eva and I were abroad. We travelled overseas to attend #GHConf17, an event hosted by Morgan Brown and Sean Ellis. Exactly: the guys who captured the Growth Hacking strategies and advantages so nicely in their new book ‘Hacking Growth’. To be honest, I couldn’t type fast enough and share my thoughts on Growth Hacking instantaneously because of the great talks at Growth Hacking Conference 2017… Enough said!

Old school marketing can’t keep up with today’s ever-changing market and the opportunities that appear and disappear faster than ever. That’s why Growth Hacking is trending like never before. Today, every clever marketeer already inserted several growth hacks or teamed up with an ultra specialized agency. Anyway, to the point now: here are our 5 lessons learnt from Growth Hacking Conference 2017!

#01. Focus on delivering more value to more customers

First evergreen principle, when you are looking for sustainable growth: you should promote a “must-have” product. Amen.

#02. Platforms are often very important for growth

Take platforms such as Twitter, Google, App Stores, Facebook, etc. into account when you are introducing growth hacking. Set your goals and make sure one – or more – fits into your digital growth strategy.

#03. More testing = More discovery (test at a high tempo) 

Growth Hacking is not just that one creative “thing”. Test, test and test again. Growth Hacking is testing across your full customer journey to accelerate sustainable growth. Growth hacking is about experimenting throughout the experience, dixit Sean Ellis.

#04. Invest in unicorns 

Since we all like content, everyone is doing it. Please, stand out! Forget about the cats and click bait Kardashian content from time to time! We definitely need a place to go for smarter content on the internet. Everyone likes content marketing, but please just say NO to sending donkeys into space— go for the unicorns! Be picky and only promote your best stuff. Go all-in with your unicorns, and RE-PROMOTE.

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#05. Never underestimate the power of your community

Word of mouth is the biggest driver of Growth. The community is your Duct Tape! Why? Because the best way to build and keep an audience is to build a community. Go that extra mile, by listening and connecting with your community.

The conference was the cherry on top of the shake. Eva and I really enjoyed every talk and we came back with our brains feeling like they were literally on fire.