It’s not really a secret that we from WE LIKE YOU are totally into Instagram. Instagram is not just a popular platform, but it’s a very powerful tool. And more and more people would like to know how and why to use this platform. That’s why we’ll reveal our secrets and explain why you have to incorporate Instagram in your business.

#01 – It’s a Powerhouse

Instagram is a powerhouse in the world of social media, and with Facebook financially and otherwise behind the platform, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The innovations and updates just keep coming and they aren’t slowing down! Instagram has more than 700 million monthly active uses. That technically puts it as the second largest social media platform, behind Facebook. That officially makes Instagram a legit player and worth your consideration as a marketing platform.

#02 – It’s about a Community

Instagram is really all about a community. It’s about real interactions, getting to know other people in the same space, building relationships, and having conversations. It’s not just a random like or drive-by comment. Well, ok, there are plenty of those too. But, when you find those people who are genuinely interested in connections, those opportunities to forge relationships are boundless. Instagram tends to be one of the most active platforms for interactions. From likes, to comments, to direct messages from Stories, and building trust, Instagram is highly interactive. People are there to engage and they do. When you hone in on that, and build your community around that engagement and interaction, that’s where you get a real community, vested in your business and your brand.

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#03 – Visualize your story

Instagram is all visual, whether it’s in your regular gallery or in Stories. Sure you can add a text overlay and you have the whole caption to talk about whatever it is you have to say. But if you don’t catch them with the image, none of the text in the world will matter. So, think strategically about your images and the story you are telling. Visual content is emotional. It’s instantly connecting with your audience. Make sure that the visuals are consistent with your brand, and that when people visit your Instagram page, they’ll immediately notice your brand values. This way you have the ability to craft amazing storytelling into your brand.

#04 – The best Website Traffic

Word-of-mouth is still the best way of advertising. Create a team of ambassadors who spread the benefits of your brand to all their followers. Encourage your Instagram followers to post photos and reviews, even by rewarding them with an incentive. That way you can reach another target group that you may couldn’t target them before, and you’ll see you’ll reach many more users. A lot of consumers make purchases influences by a brand’s social media, so the more people sharing and praising your brand, the more opportunities you have to convince customers to buy.

#05 – Most Marketers don’t get it

Instagram provides the highest quality website traffic over any other social media platform. Quality over quantity is important to differentiate with Instagram traffic. As you know, there is only one clickable link on Instagram and that is in your bio on your main profile. You cannot post links in your captions or posts and send traffic to your website. Well, technically, now you can in Stories. But, on regular Instagram posts, you can’t. So, when you only have one place to drop a link, you have to work to get people to that link. You have to include a call-to-action in your caption – which people have to have stopped and read. Then they click over to your bio, see the link, and click on it to get to your website. So, if they’ve done all these things (read your caption, clicked on your profile photo, clicked on the link in your bio), they’ve already take multiple steps to get to your website. That means that once they’re there – they actually want to be there! They worked to get there. That means your bounce rate is virtually z-e-r-o. The best quality you can ask for.