Girls just wanna have SUN.Triangl Swimwear was founded in 2012 when creators, Erin Deering and Craig Ellis, discovered a gap in the market and they could not find fashionable women’s swimwear that was also affordable. So how did a five-year-old company conquer the swimwear world? All it took was a simple, but effective social media strategy through Instagram. Let’s figure it out!

Transforming ‘likes’ into ‘sales’

Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, – those are just a few names of celebrities posting images wearing their bright, colour, neoprene bikinis. Triangl Swimwear began with a zero marketing budget, so their idea was to target online bloggers. They focused on Instagram bloggers who fit their target demographic and wo had more modest but successful follower numbers. Their plan was to work their way up to gaining the attention of more influential Instagram users, and build the brand awareness incrementally. They provided the bloggers with a pair or two of their bikinis in exchange for the blogger to upload an image of them wearing it onto their social media platforms. This generated a large following and interest via social media, and so they quickly discovered that females with followers on Instagram were the key to transforming likes into sales.

A sense of authenticity

So, why are more and more companies like Triangl making the move to employ Instagram influencers instead of celebrities? Influencers create original content and they have an individual voice. They have a very devoted community, and they have enormous credibility in the online world. Triangl was able to learn via social media that an Instagram user who has for example 1000 followers could potentially provide around 3 sales. They were able to thoroughly understand the concept that influencers work tremendously hard to develop authentic relationships with brands that align with their personal aesthetic and values. Considering Triangl swimwear is very fashion-forward, many bloggers have been more than willing to showcase the brand. This enabled Triangl to communicate their vision and appeal to their consumers through bloggers and other influencers around the world. When Kendall Jenner uploaded a photo on her Twitter account, you can imagine what a huge milestone it was for the brand in terms of brand awareness in the US. Her sister, Kylie Jenner, also uploaded a photo on her Instagram account which received massive amount of attention.

Happy place

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Building the #Trianglgirl community

It is true for social media influencers that building content which remains authentic and relative to your fans can have more influence than traditional advertising. Moreover, influencers can create many different and effective ways of sharing their messages because social media promotes continuous sharing of content, meaning it is always being spread. Not only does Triangl make use of Instagram influencers, but they also utilize the average Instagram user. Many users who buy Triangl swimwear post a photo on Instagram as they want to be just like the other Instagram influencers. Triangl has realized that this is another great form of free marketing and they therefore created the Triangl Girls Initiative. Any customer can post a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #Trianglgirl. If Triangl likes the pictures, they then feature them on their own Instagram page, adding an incentive for people to join in. Furthermore, they also have a page on their website called Triangl Girls, where they feature some of their customers and their pictures. This has allowed them to build and grow their social community.

Well, we all can agree that Triangl is certainly doing something right, and we can’t wait to see what it does next!

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