Many companies rush to get on board with a digital marketing strategy, and end up making some critical mistakes that can cost them a return on investment or, even worse, impact their traffic and brand reputation. Let’s sum up for you the 10 biggest mistakes that are commonly made in digital marketing and how you can avoid them in the future.

#01 Social media is not a one-way street

Social media is a dynamic platform meant for socialization. So don’t make the mistake by being anti-social and not starting dialogue with those that are commenting on your posts and tweets. By responding to all of this, you are engaging with your audience and they will have the intention to come back again. Your relationship with your customers and prospects can deepen across social media, enhancing trust levels and building loyalty. You have to put the social in social media.

#02 Lack of metrics

Many digital marketers decide not to track results or use analytics, just by lack of effort. In reality, there are many tools that are very insightful and provide specifics on how well your digital marketing campaigns are doing. Without these results, it’s hard to tell if your campaigns are really getting results or why they are not. This could undermine your entire digital marketing strategy if you don’t know where to make the specific change.

#03 Not knowing your audience

Knowing your audience is the first place to start in building your digital marketing strategy. Without a clear understanding of your audience and its needs, your entire strategy will crumble. Digital marketing isn’t just about publishing content, tweets, and Facebook posts; it’s about getting a return on your efforts. If you don’t clearly understand your audience, you won’t be rewarded with the results you’re looking for.

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#04 Not targeting the right audience

I am sure you are having incredible content, but if you don’t target it to the right audience, it’s a lost cause. Use specific tools on social media, like Twitter and Facebook, that provide demographics information so you can target by age, gender and interests. When you hit this right audience, your incredible content will definitely pay off. Until then, you might find a few people that happen to find you but it makes better sense to put your brand in front of specific people that have been trying to find just what you offer.

#05 Mobile is serious business

If you still think mobile isn’t that important to incorporate in your digital marketing approach, you are most likely missing getting in front of a massive chunk of your audience. The majority of consumers are on their smartphones looking up information and using their social media accounts. Mobile is everywhere. Create a mobile website version, or a mobile app, and test its effectiveness.

#06 Not setting the right expectations

Expectations are key in setting your marketing team up for success and knowing where your team is in hitting annual targets. With every campaign launched, set a realistic goal. Factors that help set your goal can be budget for the campaign and ensuring you’re targeting the right audience. Come up with these numbers and audience types by reviewing past campaigns and analyzing the results and factors that went into producing them. Knowing or estimating the timeline from planning to execution is also a major factor in knowing when to expect results.

#07 Content, content, content!

Content is essential but needs to be strategic. It has to be relevant for your target audience and for your brand. Make sure your content is planned in advance by creating a content calendar, in that case you don’t have to worry anymore about what and when you are going to post.

#08 Not having a determined budget

Most particularly when you’re launching social campaigns, budget is a significant factor in a campaign’s success. Know your budget so you can set realistic goals and expectations for how your campaign will perform.

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#09 Not staying informed

The world of digital marketing is evolving constantly, and being informed on best practices, trends, and what audiences are looking for helps companies keep up. Never stop learning about how to leverage digital marketing tools to grow your business.

#10 Lack of planning

A lack of planning could big the biggest mistake to make in executing on your digital marketing strategy. Your digital strategy should embody your brand, know your audience, and have clear goals that focus on growing your business.