Bye bye, June, we had a blast!

The moment we wave June goodbye is near, which equals our monthly social media recap. Today we share some remarkable social media updates we have noticed in June 2017. Are you ready? Are you? 


“If content is king, conversation is queen.” at Panos Belgium, they know!  What would you do when you own a Panos shop and someone came in with a bag of coins? The comment by Panos Belgium is hilarious. They reacted in an even more funny way, because they are a little bit concerned about the amount of coins. So, they shared some DIY tips and tricks, ‘How to use your coins in an even more creative way?’ and some super cool magic tricks (with coins, of course). Till today, this comment received 207 post likes (and counting!). Great community management, we like!


Connecting the dots … Last year Sport Vlaanderen launched their #SportersBelevenMeer campaign. When you are into sports, you probably a member of a sportclub. Every weekday – evening Siska Schoeters is asking several well known – and less well know – Belgian figures difficult (or less difficult) questions. When they succeed they are allowed to be a new member of Siska’s club. If they don’t … there will always be Sport Vlaanderen, to come up with a list of clubs in their neighborhood.


The day Studio Brussel introduced ‘De vloer is lava’, some brands did a very great job. But one of the most remarkable was Wereld Natuur Fonds (WNF). Did you know Panda Xing Ya is into the hype?


Who says June, says “get ready for the festival Summer”. And to be clear: nothing beats the festival life! Oh God, credits to Rock Werchter ‘s social media team, they did such an amazing job! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, … name it, #RW17 was everywhere (before – during and after Rock Werchter 2017!). But how?! Amazing visuals, countdowns, photo albums, movies, funny copy and even more funny GIF’s. Even you couldn’t be there, they made sure you received the #RW17 experience / vibes through social media. 

There are different ways to enjoy The Slope… #RW17

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