How to combine storytelling, video and social media? WE LIKE YOU at your service.
Telling your brand story, provide people a reason to talk about you online and offline, trigger social sharing, obviate Facebook ‘s Edge Rank … Do you need more reasons to implement video into your social media content strategy? Today we like to share 6 types of videos, to boost your social media storytelling. Ready to dive in?

#01 – Videos showcasing your product / service 

Offering a complex product? Go all in for a long-format (or many stories, in one). Because, sometimes even a collection of photos might not be sufficient to tell your story you have in mind. Just give it a try, in case you have the time and resources to create such long-format video’s. Did you know Facebook is tweaking its news feed algorithm to prioritize longer video’s that engage viewers?

#02 – Go live on Facebook 

There is no other way to be more REAL than going live to engage with your audience. It is a great way to reach your Fans since Facebook ranks live videos higher in the News Feed when they are live than after they end.

By the way, did you know you can add extra advertising budget to boost your Facebook Live content after it ends? – An idea to try! 

#03 – Videos featuring promos

When it’s about connecting with an audience and storytelling, Apple is among the marketing elite. To promote their new subscription music service, Apple Music, they teamed up with Taylor Swift to tell their story and sharing their temporary free subscription. The video content itself, it’s hilarious.

#04 – Behind the scenes 

From ‘How the sauce is made’ to ‘A day in the life of employer X’. People are curious much by nature. Go all in with behind the scenes content from time to time. This video’s doesn’t have to be expensive or long. Keep in mind, this kind of content engages viewers.

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#05 – Interview guests

How to claim your though leadership? Set up an interview with your brand ambassadors and experts from time to time. Discuss hot topics, ask their opinion and talk about their personal brand experience.

#06 – Insert a video column 

Weekly, monthly, two-monthly … when you writing your monthly social media calendar, try to be creative and insert a video column. Also, this type of content can be inexpensive. The point is, go for frequency so your online community know what to expect.