Let’s be honest here: how many of you girls bought something after you saw your favorite fashion blogger uploading a little snap of her #ootd? How many of you guys discovered a nice new watch brand just by scrolling down your insta newsfeed? Right, that’s what we thought.

Studies have shown that Instagram has some of the most engaged and qualified traffic of all social channels, so here are some easy peasy steps to help you step up your instaselling-game!

#01 – Engage ‘till they say “yes, I do”

This one might get a little old, but it doesn’t make it any less true: if content is king, conversation is queen! People like to think of social media as the number one tool for customer care: almost half of the Instagram users expect a brand to respond to their comments and answer their questions. If you do exactly that, people are more likely to buy your product. Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 messages get answered by a brand on Instagram. So let’s get that number up!

#02 – Make ‘em laugh

36% of the people on Instagram like it when a brand can put a smile on their face. Whether it’s a hilarious visual or a killer word play, the crowd loves it. But (of course there’s a big but), don’t go for a funny post if it doesn’t go well with your tone of voice or image. This might seem like an obvious one, but some brands still didn’t get the memo.

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#03 – A nice pic + killer copy = #instawin

Social media is all about storytelling 2.0. You need to tell your potential customers a little bit more about yourself in an original and interesting way, but those ways are quite limited. With just a few pictures and 87 characters (before Instagram shows it as a ‘read more’), you have to put together a kind of short story that adds to the entire bestseller. And if you can do just that, you are winning on Instagram.

#04 – Don’t be a dick

Nobody likes a cyberbully. Dissing a competitor as an attempt to be funny or to make yourself look good is an absolute no go. A study has shown that consumers look for a brand that’s honest, friendly and helpful. So when a brand’s rude on social media, 51% of the consumers will unfollow them and 27% will report them as spam or simply block them. Shocking, right? So here’s a little WLY-advise: be fucking nice.

#05 – Blame it on the hashtags

Again, an oldie but a goldie: it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Don’t go for the most popular hashtags on Instagram just to reach more people, use specific hashtags to reach the right kind of people. If you’re a brand that sells vegan food, you don’t want to use the hashtag #instafood. The fast food lovers might give you a hard time! As we like to say it here: you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want!

#06 –  Put your customers in the spotlights  

User-generated content is there for the taking on Instagram, so brands really have to jump on that bandwagon! People love showing off what they bought, and Instagram is the perfect little tool to do so. They absolutely LOVE it when their photos are featured on their favorite brand’s Instagram, so naturally they’re more likely to buy something of that same brand again.

#07 – Spoil your Insta customers

Attracting the right potential customers is very important, but don’t forget about your existing fans! Give your Insta customers the feeling that they’re special to you by giving them an exclusive promotion. Reward them with a discount code for Instagram followers only (for example). The chance that they’ll buy something again is so so big!

These steps are a great way to start performing on Instagram, but are you ready for the next level? If so, we need to talk! WE LIKE YOU at your service.