Let’s get chatty about some bots, because they’re literally everywhere! But believe us, it’s not as scary as it seems. They happen to be very kind and friendly creatures who just want to help you out and make you feel understood! If you’ve been living on Jupiter for the past year, let us introduce these little things called chatbots to you!

Facebook Messenger quickly became  the primary communication channel for lots of people. So of course, brands couldn’t just ignore this and needed to jump on that bandwagon! Thanks to the bots, consumers can now have a casual conversation with a brand as if they were asking a friend for advise. For example, you can ask Ray-Ban what kind of sunglasses they have and if that particular one would suit you. You can even ‘try it on’ with augmented reality. Pretty neat, huh!?

The sole purpose of this teeny tiny bot? Connect with people on a whole new level. And isn’t that exactly what you want? That people are emotionally attached to your brand? That’s what we thought. And even though that it’s still “just a computer program”, this is the future ánd the way to create brand awareness. Chatbots, unlike any other form of digital advertising, actually engage with people and make conversation. They can also serve way more purposes than just customer service; like news, games, travel tips and so on. Seriously, big thumbs up for these little fellas!

We are over the moon for chatbot because it saves so much time and it’s a fun way to engage with people. You can just automate the answers to your business’ FAQ and add some cool buttons or GIFs and there you go! There’s also a 85% chance people will see your message, because… well, they’re getting a personal message on their phones! So yeah, that’s what we call ‘kicking it up a notch’ and that’s what we’re all about of course.

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But here’s a little WLY-advise: automation is great and all, but never ever let the bots take over! Always monitor the reactions and intervene from time to time, it keeps things interesting and people will appreciate your business even more than they already do.

Did we get your attention and do you want to know if a chatbot is the right choice for your brand’s socials? In need for a strategy that includes some little bots? Well, we should meet up over a nice cup of coffee (or tea) and talk social! Reach out – hello@welikeyou.social