Ah, September … didn’t see that coming.

Seasons come, seasons go. Before we wave Summer goodbye, we like to list 4 awesome social media updates you might have missed in August. 


I’m loving it — oops, maybe this quote isn’t the best one to start this paragraph. — when two brands communicate through social media and making fun with each other. Did you see the Quick Belgium post on Instagram and/or Facebook? Their community manager noticed Brussels Airlines is challenging their fans to come up with ideas to design an iconic Belgium airplane. I think, Quick Belgium has something in mind. We bet you will be hungry, sitting on a Brussels Airlines plane designed by Quick Belgium.


Of course, Bol.coms’ social media managers are funny masterminds. Every time their content succeed and makes me smile when I am feeling bleu on a rainy Monday. Short copy, a significant visual and an hilarious story, the ingredients for a successful social media post.

Bol.com - August Recap


Ladies, do you already know Yoni? At Yoni they are all about breaking the silence and starting a healthy conversation about periods. Check out their organic cotton tampons, pads and panty liners. I love the way they share some cool taboo breaking period photography and how they try to start the conversation about all things women have to go through, every month.


Another gurly gurly brand, which is worth your virtual thumb. Get to know SKINNYDIP LONDON, a fashion accessory brand like no other! I am sure, their colorful Instagram feed and hilarious copy will make you smile.


We can’t get enough of LolaLiza new Instagram approach. The way they are sharing product shots, lifestyle photography, inspring quotes and lovely images make sure you want to go shopping, instantly.

Want to know why LolaLiza hearts Instagram? Check it out, right here.

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