Out with the old and in with the new, so say goodbye to September!With that said, here’s your monthly dose of ‘5 Cool Social Media Updates You might Have Missed’. Go!


One of the bigger things that happened in September was the introduction of the new, updated food pyramid. A pyramid that is supposed to make eating healthy easier for people. Since the old model had been around for many, MANY years this was news almost everyone knew about.

A lot of brands wanted to take advantage of this topic and do their own thing with the food pyramid. One of the more creative posts was by Poule & Poulette, claiming that all you ever need in life is chicken and too be honest who could say they’re wrong, right? 🍗


September is also the month where Apple announce, and release their new iPhone. Again a topic you simply can’t escape from on the internet. Just everybody knows about it and even more important, has an opinion about it.

With the cheapest model of the iPhone X coming with a price tag from 1.159 euro, you could easily see from a mile away that someone would have something to say about that. In this case it was Donuttello. They compared prices and came to the conclusion that the new iPhone X almost costs the same as 400 donuts! We know what to choose, do you? 🍩


Cat calling, the term we use when men are making comments about a woman’s body in a public setting. With other words… harassment. The 20 year old Noa from Amsterdam was so fed up with this that she started an Instagram project named, Dearcatcallers

The concept behind it? Simple, whenever she is being catcalled she’ll post a selfie with the catcaller. That way she tries to raise awareness about women being objectified. You go Noa!


Een bericht gedeeld door dearcatcallers (@dearcatcallers) op


Aalst, a city we mostly know as a place where people just love Carnival! However, lately the city has been having some problems with their youth. A lot of high school kids hang out at the train station and often start fighting with each other. Definitely not okay, and so think the local politicians.

Their response? More police on the streets and to help the people imagine such scenario they thought it would be a good idea to photoshop a little image. Only problem is that the person who was responsible for the image knew nothing about photoshop so failed horribly! Judge for yourself:

5 Awesome Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed - August Recap


Gordon Ramsay… a famous top-chef from the UK, who is popular from programs such as Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. What does he do when he isn’t cooking? Well, probably entertaining himself with his favourite hobby, Twitter. Knowing the man almost has 6 million followers, you also know he must get a ton of tweets. Most of them are people searching for approval for their freshly cooked meal.

Here’s where it gets cool. Instead of choosing the people with good meals and giving them a compliment, he chooses the worst ones and point out how bad they are. Result? Funny tweets that’ll make you, and us at WE LIKE YOU laugh!

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