Social media… it gets a bigger and bigger impact on our life.Almost everybody has it, and as a business you’re nothing without it! With that said you can only imagine how important it is to stay active on there. Staying present in people’s lives and connecting with them every chance you get, is a must. Easier said than done, because managing your online presence manually can be a real pain in the ass!

Lucky for you, here comes WE LIKE YOU to the rescue! With this blogpost we’ll inform you about 5 social media managing apps your iPhone absolutely needs. They’ll make your life SO much easier and save you from many hours of work. So buckle up, because here they are:

#01 – Hootsuite

Let’s start off with an app that probably most of you have heard from… Hootsuite! Definitely one of the most popular social media managing apps out there today. Not without reason of course. They offer a great app which is basically an ALL-IN formula for social media.

With Hootsuite you can manage ALL your social media accounts from one dashboard. This has some great advantages. One of them is having the ability to publish a post to all your channels with the push of one button! Other features include being able to search content based on keywords, locations or #’s and being able to see all the new likes, comments or shares across all the networks. Hootsuite also gives you great information about how many followers you’ve gained or lost, what content is more popular and other good-to-know data.

There’s a free version available that lets you manage 3 social media accounts. To be able to manage more, you need to upgrade to one of their packages. They start at 19,99 USD/ month.

#02 – Buffer

Meet Buffer… which is basically the little brother of Hootsuite! A great app for people who want less focus on the amount of features and more focus on the ability to post content.

Buffer focuses on giving you the ability to schedule your posts for all sorts of social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, from one place. They also give analytics about how much engagement and interactions those posts got. Buffer is available in a free app but here you are limited to scheduling 10 posts for each social media network.

If you want to post more, you can upgrade to one of their packages starting at 9,99 USD/month.

#03 – Mention

Have you ever been wondering what people say about you or your brand on social media? If the answer on that question is ‘yes’ then this app is definitely something for you! Mention lets you see everything what other people said about you online! Simply give up the name or keywords you want to search for and done!

This app is super handy if you don’t want to miss any customer complaints or questions. Another cool feature is the ability to compare your brand with others. Mention shows in what countries you or your competitor scores better and what the tone of voice is of the mentions.

You can use the app for free but then you’re limited to seeing only 500 mentions per month. On top of that you can only search your company based on 3 keywords. Upgrading will start at 9,99 USD/month.

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#04 – Tailwind

Are you someone who’s constantly using Pinterest and Instagram? In that case you’d like to hear more about Tailwind. A social media managing app that ONLY focuses on these platforms. For Pinterest it gives you handy features as being able to schedule your pins, make multiple posts at the same time, find current trends and more. For Instagram you can also schedule posts, monitor which #’s are popular and manage your audience content.

Tailwind also gives you analytics for both platforms. For example it shows you how many followers you have, what posts perform the best, which influencers may be able to help and much more. In other words all the information you’ll ever need to know to manage your channels in the direction of growth! 

#05 – Iconosquare

The road to becoming #Instafamous… it isn’t an easy one! You’ll need all the help you can get. Including the help from the app, Iconosquare. Who helps you manage all your Instagram accounts. We have to admit this app has some pretty cool features!

For example you can schedule posts… nothing special right? But what if we told you, that you can get a preview of how your feed will look after everything is posted? That’s cool right! And it doesn’t stop there. Other features include being able to repost other photo’s and being able to search for content based on specific keywords or #’s.

Iconosquare also gives analytics about how many followers you gained or lost, when the best time is to post a picture and other useful data. The last cool feature that you have is the ability to search in a databank of influencers based on how many followers they have or what their genre is. Being #Instafamous, here we come!

With that said we’ve come to the end of yet another informing WE LIKE YOU blogpost! Hopefully you discovered some cool apps that’ll help you with managing your social media. If not… feel free to hire us.