What is one of the first things you see when you scroll through your Facebook news feed?

I bet you the answer is video’s! 🎥 What is one thing we all want when posting a video, no matter if you’re a brand or individual? Reach, as many eyes as possible! We want and hope that our creations go viral — easier said than done. Most people think that going viral is just a matter of luck. Which is not. Going viral indeed requires a certain level of luck. We believe that you can do certain things to raise the chance of going viral. Here’s a list of those things:

#01 – Quality 

It speaks for itself that the quality of your video needs to be good. Even better is when your quality is outplaying all the competition. We’re not only speaking about visual quality, but also the audio and editing of your video needs to be on point! Give your audience a video which is smooth and pleasant to watch. Only that way your video will truly jump out. Believe us, there’s already enough content on Facebook that is filmed with a smartphone.

#02 – Keep It Short

People have a very short attention span when it comes to watching video’s on social media. How big is the chance that you watch an entire video that last 8 minutes? Or even a video that last 2 minutes? Not so big, we thought so. The key is to keep your video as short as possible! There are some exceptions out there but most of the times keeping your video’s under 1 minute is a good thing to do. Better start timing!

#03 – Don’t just show a video, show a STORY

A video with just a random strain of events isn’t really enjoyable to watch and doesn’t make a big chance to go viral. It’s important to have something that pulls the viewers into the video and connects with them. That something is a STORY! Even better is when your story has an underlying message. Something that teaches your audience a lesson. A good story uses emotions. Make your viewers feel a certain way and they won’t forget it that easily. It’s up to you to choose how you make them feel, but be careful with sad stories. Generally sad stories don’t perform as good as a happy story!

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#04 – Subtitles

A small change to your video can make a big change about how many people watch it. Subtitles for example. Most people don’t think it really matters if their video has them or not but it does! People on Facebook scroll through their news feed and see all these different video’s without sound. They have no idea what the video is about and honestly don’t really care. However what if your video has subtitles and they start reading? Maybe that way you’ll get their interest and just like that the chance got bigger that their click on it!

#05 – Timing Is Everything

Last but not least, we want to talk about thé ‘timing’. It’s very important to release your video on the right time! It’s obvious that you will have less reach when you release it at 3AM … so don’t!  Instead find out when your audience is the most active on Facebook and release it around that period. Also the day you release your video is important. — Generally it’s better to release it in the beginning of the week. Simply because then you have the rest of the week to build momentum! It doesn’t really matter that people are working, cause we all know we check Facebook every now and then even if we’re not supposed to.