For our modern day businesses, social media has become more and more important.Not being active on social media, basically means you are losing out. However, being active on it, isn’t as easy as it looks! It goes hand in hand with a couple challenges you have to face. Luckily there will always be a positive note. Social media can also bring your business some real great opportunities! In today’s blogpost we’ll give some examples of possible challenges and opportunities that you can face. Go ahead and take a look!

💥 The Challenges

#01 – Time

Do not underestimate the amount of time that goes into managing your social media! There’s a whole lot more that comes with social media than just posting something every now and then.

You have to think about what content to make, create that content, post it, answer the comments, look at the insights, take care of the ads, et cetera! All these things can be a little overwhelming. What can result in you having less time to focus on the business in real life! Obviously something you don’t want to happen!

#02 – Dealing With Negativity

The internet can be a real cruel place, that’s one thing that’s for sure! Be prepared for that when you enter the social media world. Not every customer will be friendly and not every customer will have something positive to say about your brand. Face it. 

Every now and then someone will say something negative and (sometimes very very) rude. It’s important to know how to react on this the right way. Remember, always stay professional. The ultimate goal is to turn that angry customer into a happy one. We’ll admit … Yep, this can be hard sometimes!

#03 – Be Human

Another challenge that comes with being active on social media, is keeping the balance between being professional and staying human. The line between these two can be very thin. When you as a brand, are always very formal, the people won’t feel connected to you.  

Staying human can depend on little things. A perfect example we have is Panos! When you go and take a look at their Facebook page you’ll see that every time they respond to someone they end the comment with “X from Panosf”. By saying their name, the customer gets reminded that they deal with a real person and not just an automated system.  

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💥 The Opportunities

#01 – Brand Recognition

A great opportunity that comes with being present on social media is brand recognition! When people frequently see you on social media it won’t take long before they start to recognize you. They’ll remember your slogan, your logo, your style of posting, etc.

This is exactly what you want as a brand, because then you have a chance that you’ll pop up in people’s heads if they ever need something that you might sell. In other words being active on social media can help you reach potential customers!

#02 – Effective Marketing

Social media is by far the most effective way for marketing. Think about it, you have this platform where you can reach a whole lot of people in a very simple way. On top of that you don’t have to pay a lot of money! Social media is a lot cheaper than running advertisements on television, printing flyers, radio spots or other traditionals ways for marketing. Give social media a chance for your marketing and you won’t regret it!

#03 – Community Insights

Nothing is more valuable than having insights in your community. Giving your customers a platform to be active on and that you can monitor is great for this! People will leave feedback on your page, telling you what they like about your brand or what they don’t like about it.

Work with these insights and be thankful to your customers for giving it. By thanking them in the comments for example. Other people will see this and appreciate your brand more!