Hellooo – November! Is it just us, or months are going faster and faster? Seriously, next month it’s already time for jingle bells and New Year drinks! 🥂 Hold on, hold on, hold on … Before we start daydreaming, check out these 5 awesome social media updates you might have missed. 


If you don’t love McDonald’s for their burgers than you have to love them for this! OnOctober 2nd they decided to giveaway tickets for the football game between Belgium and Cyprus. Instead of making it a boring – you have seen this a million times – giveaway they handled it with a bunch of creativity! People had to leave a football emoji and their motivation about why they wanted to win the tickets in the comments and McDonald’s would post the score from their virtual game of football. If you were lucky, you won the virtual game and also some tickets for the real match!


There’s this kid from Antwerp named Jari Collaer, who managed to get himself a small Twitter following by posting memes. Not just any memes though… memes about Karen, one of the former K3 singers! Turn out Karen has a lot of expressions who apply to everyday situations. Who knew!


There’re certain expressions that sound very innocent but totally mean something else. Netflix and chill, for example. Most of us know that this basically means you’re about to go to the next level with someone… with other words, having sex with them. Unfortunately there are some people AND brands that don’t know this. Let’s take Albert Heijn for example – hm!

Netflix & Chill - Albert Heijn


Some companies try to keep their social media updates funny for their followers. Coolblue is one of those companies. Their posts are always with a fair amount of humor! Take this post about their enveloppe packaging for example! You’d think it only has one job… shipping the product you bought online to you and that’s it. Well, think again because Coolblue just proved to you, you also can use it as a pillow, a bib or even a sledge. Talking about multifunctional, right!


Let’s be honest … is there actually one human being that really likes Mondays? I thought so. We feel tired because we had to get up early, we wish we were still at home and what else! The Monday struggle is definitely real and Studio Brussels also knows that! They helped us picture the perfect face if Monday had one…

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