More and more brands aim their focus on Instagram. WIN.  This social media platform offers great opportunities to interact with followers and raise brand awareness. One of the features you can use for this is Instagram Stories! A fun, playful, way to raise your brand to the next level. Yep, things you can do with this feature are ENDLESS!

So sit down and buckle up, because WE LIKE YOU is going to show you the wonderful world of… Instagram Stories! Ready?

#01 – Use The ‘#’ and Location Stickers 

To gain brand awareness, you need to be out there so the public can see you! 👀 No better way to do that by using the location or hashtag stickers. Doing something simple like that can already help you in a BIG way. How? Simple… using these stickers in a post makes that post show up in the discover section! Meaning that new people come across your content which translates in people maybe visiting your profile and following you. Ex-act-ly what we want. Right? 

#02 – Takeovers 

A helping hand is always useful and that isn’t different when it comes to Instagram! 🖐 In other words, hosting an Instagram Stories takeover is a great idea to boost your brand awareness. For you and the influencer you work with, it’s guaranteed a win – win scenario. Both of you get introduced to a whole new crowd of potential followers! On top of that it’s even more fun for the followers you already have, they see something new and different!

#03 – Go Live

Making video content for Instagram Stories can be a real pain in the ass! With the 30 seconds limit per clip, you’re basically forced to upload 3647 different stories back to back. Which is not only annoying for you, but also for your followers. Luckily there’s a feature that can help you with this problem. Instagram Live is perfect when you want to post longer video content! This way you can for example host a Q&A, shoot some behind the scenes or more. Also cool about this feature, is that all your followers get a notification when you start live-streaming so yeah … lights, camera, action! 

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#04 – Redirecting 

Instagram Stories is all good fun, but chances are that you want to lead your followers somewhere. Maybe a site, or a webshop? Good news, you can actually do that! As a brand on Instagram you get the ability to add a link to your stories. 🔗 All your followers have to do is swipe up and they’ll get redirected to the link. A feature you’ll definitely want to try if you know that somewhere between 15%  and 25% of the people who watch stories do this.

#05 – Build stories 

There’s a reason why Instagram Stories is called Instagram Stories. It’s not for posting content that only has meaning on its own! Make sure every now and then you posts build onto each other. Take your followers on a journey, instead of letting them watch from the sidelines. It’s all about experience! Only if you stand out and make them feel a certain way they will remember you.

We hope these tips give you a better idea of what the possibilities are with Instagram Stories so don’t be shy to give them a try! If you have any more questions or if you want us to help with the social media from your company just give us a shout! 📣