Social media marketing, it may seem easy but nothing is less true.We as social media agency eat, sleep and breathe social media. Which gives us some knowledge about certain things that you may not know about! What are we going to do with that information? Share it with you guys of course! 

#01 – Social media platforms won’t help you

Biggest lie in social media land? Social media platforms are free. In life everything has a price, and a lot of people tend to forget that at the end of the day platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are businesses. The main goal of a business? Making money! 💸 So how do they do it?

Simple, they limit your organic reach so that you would start paying for advertisements. When you have for example a Facebook page with 500 followers and you post something, you expect that ALL those followers will see that post. In reality however, that doesn’t happen. Facebook limits the amount of followers that see it. Want your content to reach more eyes? 👀 Then the only option you have is paying for ads, simple.

#02 – Data isn’t everything

Something you’ll hear all the time is how important data is for social media. 📈 Is it useful? Yes, definitely! Knowing how old your audience is, where they live or what posts perform the bests are all things you’ll be able to use for your benefit. Unfortunately data isn’t the answer to all your questions or problems.

There’re a lot of things that data won’t help you with. It doesn’t matter if you had all the data in the world, when it comes to content creation you’re on your own. There’s nothing that can tell you if your next post will be a success or a flop. Data also won’t tell you how every single one of your followers feel about your brand and how loyal they are towards it.

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#03 – Panic and frustration

When you tell people your job is social media, a lot of them seem to think that all we have to do is post some pictures on Facebook and Instagram and that’s it. In reality there’s a lot more responsibility that comes with the job. On top of that there will be some moments that you’ll panic or have frustration!

There will be moments when you see someone else post something and think to yourself, why didn’t I think about that? Making typos or posting something in the wrong order is also one of the things that’ll give you a mini heart attack. 💥 Social media may be our job, but mistakes happen to all of us … but shh!

#04 – Return of investment? Not so much…

Your return of investment, ROI in short, will be incredibly low when you’re only just starting out with social media. Too be honest, it will probably stay that with for a long time. You can put hours into writing the perfect posts but when you don’t have a big following, you’ll only get a low amount of likes on your posts.

Just like everything else, social media takes time to grow. Meaning, how hard it may be, you need to have  … patience! Then only tip we can give you for this problem, is to not give up and keep at it. Eventually you’ll start to notice growth, which will result in more people commenting on your posts, liking your posts and engaging with your brand in general!

With that said, now you know four of the secrets that us social media marketeers mostly try to keep for ourselves.