Crazy news folks! 💥

 I can hardly believe it myself, but my eight week internship at WLY is already over! It feels like only yesterday when I just started here, so I must have travelled space and time to make it to the end this quick! Since I had an absolute blast from beginning to end, I’m going to tell you all about my experience.

The first day

When monday 18 September finally arrived I was super excited for my first day! At the same time, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how nervous I was that morning. On top of that I live halfway across the country, which translates itself in me having to sit on a train for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 🚂 Guess what… that’s a lot of time to think about every single thing that could go wrong!

Luckily my stress wasn’t an issue anymore once I arrived at the office and was introduced to the SUPER friendly girls of WLY! One of my first tasks was what I’m doing right now, writing a blog! So chances are that if you’re reading this one, you might as well read my first piece of content. Awesome, right?

Fresh content to be created

Next up, we took a look at what projects I could take under my wings. For the next couple of weeks I created numerous content for companies such as Poule & Poulette, Bistro Mathilda and many more! Turns out creating content for an entire month, for a company you otherwise wouldn’t pay no attention to can be really challenging! ⚡️ However, the reward you get in return makes in more than worth it. No better satisfaction than seeing a full content calendar and getting likes on the content you created!

Not only content creation but going to meetings, doing research for new projects, community managing, making presentations and writing different blogpost were all things that I had to do. So not just a boring internship with no variation for me!

Work hard! Play hard!

It’s clear that at the WLY office we know what hard work is. That doesn’t mean that we forget about having fun though! Sharing funny videos or telling stories occasionally happens and is always a good laugh. The best moments however are when we last minute decide to order Deliveroo or go have breakfast at Kaffeenini!  Again a perfect example of how food connects people! 🍝

Most asked questions

Since I could probably write an entire book about my internship, I’m just going to sum up some questions that may be interesting for you to know. Here you go!

  • My most exciting moment of my internship?  Honestly there were a lot of exciting moments at WLY. The first time something I wrote came online, the first meeting, … but if I really had to choose I would say: the moment that I was given complete responsibility for the facebook page of Bistro Mathilda. There just something really cool about being able to say, you see that Facebook page? Yeah, that’s my work!

  • Second most exciting moment?  Every single time we decided to order food with Deliveroo. Food. Is. Amazing. 🤤 
  • The aspect I loved the most about my internship? Being able to unleash my creativity on numerous of different projects. From the beginning on it was a personal goal of mine to improve my creative side, and turns out that creating content after content really helps. Who would have thought that!
  • The disadvantage? Worst nightmare for every social media agency? Not having a descend internet connection. Turns out the complex where WLY has it’s office, is struggling with this. Leaving us in the “oh god this internet is so slow”-struggle.

The end

With these questions out of the way it’s slowly time to let this blogpost come to an end. It’s absolutely crazy to realize that this will probably be my last post for WE LIKE YOU. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed my internship here and how helpful this experience was!

A really BIG thanks to WLY for having me as their intern! And to Joyce, Eva, Yente and Sanya… you girls are absolutely killing it in the Social Media business, keep on being your awesome selves!

I’ll miss you all!

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