The magical world of social media!

It can be a hard place to survive in. Definitely when you don’t even speak the language! No worries though, WE LIKE YOU wrote this blogpost to help you understand social media just a little better. Without further hesitation, here are 7 need-to-know terms for social media in 2017!

#01 – Engagement

Here at WE LIKE YOU we have a saying. It goes like this: content is king, but engagement is queen! 👑  What do we mean when we say that? Simple, it doesn’t matter how much content a business puts out, as long that there isn’t any engagement, they aren’t going anywhere.

But who is this engagement queen though, I hear you wondering. Basically engagement is when other people are liking, sharing or clicking on your posts. With other words when people don’t just scroll past your posts but are actually engaging with them. This is important because it shows you how interested people are in your content.

#02 – Organic Reach 

Another term you’ll hear every now and then in social media land is the term organic reach. This may sound confusing at first, but it’s actually not so complicated. We have organic reach and paid reach. The first one, organic reach,  is the number of people who saw your posts without you paying for any sorts of ads. Paid reach on the other hand, is the amount of people that saw your posts because you DID pay for ads.  

Good to know is that every person counts as one unique person! Meaning that no matter how many times an individual comes across your post, he or she is only 1 view. Having a high organic reach is good for your business, this means a lot of people saw your post without you having to spend a lot of money on ads. 💸

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 #03 – Influencers

The term influencers is something you hear more and more of lately. You may have wondered who these influencers are. The good news is, now you have found the answer! Influencers are certain people who have a big following on social media and have a lot of people looking up to them.

Brands and businesses will pay big money to let these so called influencers where certain clothes, makeup or other stuff. You heard that right, these lucky few get paid to wear brands! The aim is that their followers will notice this and think: if X wears it, it must be a good product and therefor I must have the same thing.

Influencers are certainly blooming on Instagram. Some people can make up to thousands of euro’s just by posting one picture. No wonder does everybody want to be Instafamous.

 #04 – Chatbots

Communication is key nowadays and we as customers have high standards about this! We expect that we can send all our questions towards the social media from a business and immediately get an answer. Big companies receive thousands of messages so this might be a tricky thing to realize.

Luckily we can rely on technology for this issue! We have these little programs called chatbots. They are programmed to answer specific questions, or execute simple tasks such as letting a customer ordering something. Super handy because now the businesses can answer every customer questions and we immediately get an answer. What technology can’t do right! 🤖

 #05 – Geotargeting

In some cases your post doesn’t need to reach your entire network but just a little group of it that lives in a specific area. For this situation we’re going to work with geotargeting. Which means targeting a specific audience based on their location. This can be people from a certain city, country, state or others.  

 #06 – Click Through Rate

Another term you will hear a lot when it involves social media is click through rate. This term is mostly expressed by a number or percentage. A lot of people don’t know where it comes from. A mistake you won’t make after this blogpost! The click through rate or CTR in short, is the amount of people who clicked on your posts or ad divided by the amount of people who saw your posts or ad. Not so difficult right? 😉

 #07 – Clickbait 

Social media is all about one thing, performance. 📈 We all want people to see our post and even better, to engage with it! That’s why some brands, and to be honest mostly news sites rely on something called clickbait.

Clickbait is when you purposely use a sensational or false title just so that people would be interested and click on your post. Remember the article you clicked just because the title was “you won’t believe what happened next” and then there really didn’t happen … anything? Yeah that’s clickbait!