Why does it feel like 2017 is going by so fast?

I think it may be because so much is happening on the WE LIKE YOU side. Damn, what a year! 2018 is near – insert silence – don’t you dare ask for my new years resolutions.  So, let’s start with reflecting on the past year. In 2017 Sport Vlaanderen became a friend of WE LIKE YOU.

At Sport Vlaanderen I thought big-picture and drew inspiration from organic conversation on social platforms. I am listening to the different target groups which Sport Vlaanderen was facing and together we are building emotionally resonant brand experiences through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. I went high on findings from the social media insights. I have developed an always-on, omni-channel social media strategy in partnership with Sport Vlaanderen social media community team, working across departments and agency teams to ensure that all parties stay true to the strategic vision and voice across channels 24/7, 365.

For now, I like to share 5 quick wins to boost your social media marketing – based on my experiences at Sport Vlaanderen.

#01 – Where To Find Your Target Audience

Are you aware of what happens in an Internet minute (2017)?

  • 16 Million Text Messages,
  • 4,1 Million YouTube Videos Viewed,
  • 46.200 Instagram Posts Uploaded,
  • 40.000 Hours Listened on Spotify,
  • 70.017 Hours Watched on Netflix,
  • 15.000 GIF’s Sent via Messenger, etc.

Anyway, first things first: selecting the right social media channels can be really tough. Always ask yourself who’s your most important target audience, and even more important; which social media channels are they using? 

#02 – It’s Always Better Together 

According to my experience at Sport Vlaanderen, make sure you have the right people at the table. Select a spokesperson from each department in your company and arrange social media meetings frequently. 

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 #03 – Be Prepared

At WE LIKE YOU we love to be prepared, and we do eat content calendars for breakfast. Why? 

  1. Creating a social calendar is the best way to efficiently manage your time and resources.
  2. Variety is the spice of life: Developing a social calendar is the easiest way to ensure you don’t overload your audience with any one kind of content.
  3. Creating a social calendar and populating it with dates that are important to your company or your audience, will ensure you never miss an important date again.
  4. It prevents overloading one social network and neglecting others.

 #04 – People Are Talking About You

Fans, consumers, users, … your target audience is talking about you. Let’s face it, when they talk about you they don’t always use your channels. Make sure you use a social media monitoring tool to track (positive and negative) conversations about your brand. Even those negative conversations can be an opportunity. 

 #05 – What About The Morning After

Wondering which of your social media campaigns are most profitable? Do you reach the right audience(s)? Which content types are performing better? Yep, to measure is to know. Instead, measure your social activities so that you can learn what’s successful, what isn’t, and how you can improve.