Out with the old and in with the new, hello 2018! To keep your social media game in shipshape, we’ll talk to you about 5 social media updates you might have missed in December. Curious? Then keep on reading!


In December; Facebook introduced a new app for families to connect, called Messenger Kids. It makes it easier for kids to safely video chat and message with family and friends when they can’t be together in person. Facebook discovered a need for a messaging app that let kids connect with people they love but also had the level of control parents that want.

Messenger Kids is a stand-alone app that’s installed on kids’ tablets or smartphones but can be controlled from a parent’s Facebook account. Messenger Kids is a whole new world of online communication to families. More fun for kids, more control for parents. Hellooo, WIN-WIN SITUATION!


Sad sad news at McDonald’s, the well-known (and loved) CBO is leaving the product range. But then there was Senne, the biggest CBO fan who was  very upset about the McExit his favorite burger. It caught McDonald’s eye and they instantly felt like they should do something for Senne. So they threw the CBO a farewell party, especially for Senne. The result was a cool and funny movie that got a lot of response and engagement. RIP CBO!


What about a digital assistant in your fitting room during shopping? Together with customers and start-ups, JBC is looking for new ways to make our shopping experience even more pleasant and personal. The best inventions will be in the JBC stores. So you’re shopping on your own and you’d like some styling tips from a friend? Then JBC will have a smart fitting room that helps you. A screen shows the items that could complete your outfit. If it’s just not the type of pants you were looking for, the system will show you similar options in the store. Do you have the wrong size in the fitting room? Then simply scan the ticket and choose a different size. If THAT’s not convenient?! JBC Innovation Lab is also working on a feedback totem, which asks customers to adjust their needs where necessary. The Belgian clothing brand is clearly ready for the future.

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Ever found yourself scrolling through certain hashtags? From now on, you can actually follow them. If you are following a hashtag, the top posts and stories will appear on your newsfeed, no matter who posts them. Is our inner stalker showing up yet? 😏


One of our favorite updates of December! From now on, Instagram automatically archives your stories after they disappear 24 hours after being posted. You also have the ability to create story highlights. They show up in a new horizontal bar across the top of your profile. We think it’s a nice tool for businesses to show what their brand is about and recycle popular stories. You should check out the LolaLiza Instagram account, they’re rocking this new feature!

What were your favorite social media updates from past month? Feel free to contact us, as you already knew… WE LIKE YOU!