Having a larger Instagram following could get you more views on your blog, more sales for your business or a stronger community for your brand. But how the *** do some people have so many followers?

In this blogpost, you’ll find 10 tips to grow your IG followers. So don’t worry, we’ll help you grow a pair.

#01 – Use Hashtags 

Using (the right) hashtags is a great way to reach new people, there are a lot of people that search by hashtags. Instagram latest update was that you can even follow a certain hashtag like you could follow an account, nifty little feature there! If you are using the right hashtags that are related to your business/account, you’ll find people who might be interested in your business which means extra followers. Ding ding ding!

#02 – Implement A Theme For Your Profile 

It’s a lot easier to grow your account if you have a nice consistent feed. Of course, there are a million definitions of a pretty feed. Using a consistent color palette and editing style goes a long way in making your profile come together. You can also use an Instagram Planner such as Later to preview your grid so you can create the ultimate pleasing Instagram feed.

#03 – Use Good Quality Photos For Your Feed

It doesn’t really matter what type of camera you are using but you have to make sure your photos are of good quality. If not, people will drop out without giving it a second thought.

#04 – Respond To Comments

It’s very important to engage with people by responding to their comments on your pics. If you’re getting questions, take the time to answer them. If you have a large Instagram following it’s not always easy to answer them all but at least you can like them. It’s a nice way to let people know you saw their comment and appreciate it. 

#05 – Like A Bunch Of Photos

A quick way to get followers is to start liking photos, preferably the ones that are related to your posts. If you’re a fashion blogger, search for #fashion, #ootd, #outfit, etc. and start liking photos. Once you start liking photos there are a lot of people who will start to follow you. It all seems cheesy, but it really works!

#06 – Run A Contest Or A Giveaway 

A contest or giveaway is a great way to grow your mailing list, get new followers, increase your community engagement and raise brand awareness. It’s important to pick one goal and stick to it. You need to choose the right theme and hashtags. 

A contest also makes it easy to collect photos from your followers, because most of the time you are using a hashtag. 

#07 – Ask Followers To Take Action 

Sometimes all you need to do is ASK. Add CTA’s to your photos, it’s an easy way to turn visitors into followers in an insta-nt.

#08 – Choose Your IG Name Wisely

It’s better you don’t use your name unless you’re famous. Rather pick a word that people will be searching for. It’s also easy to change and test while your username stays the same.

#09 – Steal Your Competitors Followers 

One of the best ways to find new followers is by seeking out your closest competitors’ IG accounts and ENGAGE WITH THEIR AUDIENCE: Like them, follow them, comment them. Don’t forget these people already showed some interest in the theme you’re in.

#10 – Post At The Right Time 

You probably already know the timing you post on has a major influence on how much visibility your content receives. Posting at midnight probably won’t reach as many people as you’d like. Post when people are most likely to be checking their Instagram. Think about mornings, lunch and after work.

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It’s a wrap!

Now you’ve got an awesome profile, a bunch of followers, and you’re posting great ass content (at the right time). Don’t forget BE SOCIAL, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact as because pssst… WE LIKE YOU!