The time has come, my 4-week-internship at WLY has come to an end. I can honestly say that my time at WLY resulted in one awesome and of course very instructive experience.

Not only did I gain practical skills but I also had the opportunity to meet the fabulous, fantastic AND funny girl squad who keep the WE LIKE YOU-ship afloat. It all made quite an impact on me, the atmosphere at the WLY office was always very welcoming which made me feel right at home. Yes I’m really leaving BUT most important I’m taking many lessons with me.

In this blogpost, we’ll take a look at the final highlights of my internship.

The most exciting moment of my internship?

There were many exciting moments but I was really really reallyyyy excited when my first blogpost came online. I was one happy, and especially, proud girl. I just love contributing along the way!

One thing about the team I enjoyed?

Everyone’s always up for a smile and a joke, and I really loved the energy around the office.

The aspect I loved the most about my internship? The 

I had the chance to ask and say anything that was on my mind, which I really love!

The disadvantage?  

Sometimes the internet wasn’t working as it should, what made it quite difficult to work quickly. BUT of course, it’s a work in progress. So, no BIGGIE 😉

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Additionally, I felt like I was able to contribute by creating content, managing communities and writing blogposts. Ladies, it was a great honor to work for WLY.  A BIG FAT THANK YOU for the amazing experience.

Hugs and kisses,