All Social Media Managers on the planet need to have some strong writing skills.

 I’m not saying those skills need to reach a Shakespearian sort of level, but they just have to be on fleek. You don’t have to reinvent the social copy wheel, but give yourself some time to get it just right for your target audience. So step up your ‘Social Media Creative Writing’-game with these tips and tricks!

  • KISS – mwah!

I just want your extra time and your… mind blowing copy! KISS just stands for “Keep It Short and Simple”, so keep it in mind like a mantra. People don’t have time to read bestsellers or Bible-like copy on Facebook or Instagram. Instead, reinforce the copy of your post with a killer visual that says it all! You can make some social gold if you combine the right words with the right visual. But you need to give yourself some time to really think it all through. There’s no need to rush. Beyoncé wasn’t build in a day and your content calendar sure as hell will not be either.

  • Let’s get personal

Don’t be another Mr. Roboto, but put some personality in your tone of voice. Sometimes you need to forget the pushy Call to Actions and talk as a person would to another person. It’s almost a talent to write something that just suits a brand perfectly. You need to try to get to that level where you can almost recognize a post by the copy without even seeing a logo or a name. If you ask us, is being great at just that!

6 Easy Tricks To Step Up Your Creative Writing Game

  • Be relatable

People only want one thing: to not feel alone. Have you ever scrolled down your Facebook or Instagram feed and thought: “Omg, I thought I was the only one!”. Probably numerous of times, because that’s what makes a posts perform well on social media. People are more likely to like, react or even share your post. And if people can relate to your brand, you are basically winning social!

6 Easy Tricks To Step Up Your Creative Writing Game

  • Emojify your post

Social Media never was quite the place to get all serious. So lighten up your social content with some poo emoji’s – IF it suits your brand of course. An emoji can make your posts even stronger than it already was from time to time, or it can give that little extra to your interaction with a consumer. People love to use and see emoji’s wherever they go!

  • Make ‘em laugh

The noble art of social copywriting is just to put a smile on people’s faces when they scroll down their feeds. It’s some kind of magic really to put a little humor in your post that suits your brand perfectly. Because that’s what it’s all about: if it doesn’t suit your brand, don’t do it. So if your brand or service is really serious, don’t take the funny road. But what Ikea does, is something that we absolutely admire! Well played there.

6 Easy Tricks To Step Up Your Creative Writing Game

  • Dare to be specific

There’s about an 89% change that your brand will not be for everyone, and that’s totally okay! Get to know your target audience and dare to be so specific that only those who are really interested, get what they want to see. If you can build a community with people that are really dedicated to your brand, then you’re the Queen B of social.

Easy said than done, we know! We also know that not everyone was born to be a modern Shakespeare of Social Media; but to write it yourself or not write it yourself? That’s the question. If you think it might be the latter, don’t be afraid to drop us a line at At thine service, milady! 😉