Let’s make things clear.

  • Remember, Remember… 

As you might have seen, content is everywhere. I’m not talking about text, I am talking about visual content. The content that leads to storytelling, which leads to us remembering what that visual was all about.

  • Treat The Eyes

If you post a text nowadays, you will see that nobody cares. The reasons behind that are either because nobody has time to read it, or they simply do not want to read it. We want to absorb information on a fast, efficient and fun way. So the solution for all this are high quality visuals.

Try to use high quality images on your blogpost. Instead of posting texts, use infographics. Want to make a short post on Facebook? Use a visual to make it stand out! Want to recruit? Design something to make your job offer stand out!

  • Design

Now, we know that creating high quality images or designing visuals isn’t always an option. But there are platforms that can help you a hand! And it’s your lucky day, they are absolutely free!

Canva.com is a platform created to make designing visuals easy and free. You don’t need to have any knowledge of Adobe software, etc. Simply because Canva has its own design tool. You can create logos, flyers, banners, visuals for your posts, etc. The possibilities are almost endless. The platform is free, but if you want to use premium templates or extras, you’ll need to add a little bit of funds.

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  • Easy HQ Photos

Now, maybe you need a high quality picture instead. There’s also a quick solution for that! Pexels.com is an online platform filled with FREE stock photos. You can grab whatever you want and download it. There are also premium photos, which you can buy.

  • Make Them Know

People recognize content in 0.25 seconds, which is pretty damn fast. That’s why it’s so important to use visuals to make your brand recognizable. Try to choose a color, or some aspect in your visuals that keeps on returning over and over, identifying your brand.

  • Measure, Test, Succeed

40% of online users will provide a more favorable response to visual content than plain textual content. So keep watching your engagement rate when you are testing out visuals. Learn which aspects in your visuals work well and keep using them to create something recognisable in your brand.