Social media is growing at an incredible fast pace, we can almost say it’s integrated in our lives.

 We talk, discuss and share our stories with the whole world on all kinds of platforms.

A good thing is that more and more people are engaging in social sharing, people have created groups and communities all over the world using the internet. We cannot deny that the internet is a very strong entity. 

The “king of communication” as it’s called, is going worldwide. A small summary of facts:

  • Close to 4.2 billion users are active on top social networks
    (world population 7.6 billion at time of writing)
  • Facebook has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users
  • Youtube reaches more people than cable networks do in the U.S.
  • On Instagram, more than 95 million photos are uploaded per day

I think the message is clear, the influence is huge. Even though the user base is growing, there’s also a growing number of people that are showing their negative outlooks of social media and its influence on the younger generation. I can understand these people, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not made for children. These are places where personal information is shared indirectly with the whole world. Don’t misunderstand me, I do like direct messaging social media like Snapchat, it is a fun way to talk to each other. As well as the fact that social media is a great way to create communities. But let’s not forget, social media may be a dream world, but there will always be people that want to hurt others. For example; cyberbullying, an issue we sadly hear more about. 

This power can be used in both ways, the latter is something that we must be aware of. There are still good people which makes restore our faith in humanity as said on social media. This is where the good human power of social media comes in to play. This phenomenon is already a power of social media, creating awareness for certain issues and get people together to stand for something. People are heard more than before, voices are amplified through social media. We see how quickly hashtags can go around the world and start a movement. (#metoo)

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So far the social aspect, for businesses and advertising the real power is unleashed. Because so many people are active on these networks, it is the perfect place for companies to show all of us what they can offer us or show us what they are capable of. With tools ranging from scheduling posts to detailed analytics it becomes quite an easy but time-consuming job.

Since organic reach is seeing a decline, because more relevant content is showed makes it a bit tougher. With all these tools businesses can target the people they want to, making their posts or ads more effective. That’s why it is important to create a healthy mix of a paid and organic strategy.

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