It’s fresh and new, we’re talking about Vero.  This new social media platform came out of nowhere and made its way through our networks as an overnight success. But is it worth it? Is it going to take over the social media world as we know it? Who knows. We do know some other things about Vero, so keep on reading.


You MUST have seen it everywhere by now. On Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. People asking to add them on this new network called Vero. What looks like an overnight success, was actually created three years ago. Launched as an ad-free social network, their main purpose is to let people share what they’re passionate about: from URLs to books and even music.

The brain behind it, Ayman Hariri, was as annoyed as us with social media these days. It was time for a new era. We’ve seen many trying and creating new platforms as Ello, Peach, etc. So, what would made Vero stay? Scrolling through their website, their point of view isn’t that illogical. According to Vero, people naturally seek connection and we’re searching for it on social media. They quote it as “A false sense of connection that left us lonelier than ever”. That’s where Vero shows up as our savior, talking about true social.

How ‘bout the features?

  1. First of all, no algorithms, YAY. Instagram introduced their new algorithm last year and people went M-A-D. Sweet goodbyes to chronology, from then on it was all about algorithms that determined what and when we would see posts. With Vero, it’s all about seeing content being shared at that moment. Big, big thanks.
  2. Second, no ads. As said previously, Vero choose to work without ads. Wait, no ads? Let’s stop this blogpost right now. Just kidding, even we, at We Like You, can enjoy a break from ads on social.
  3. Then there’s this awesome feature for the photographers amongst us. You don’t have to crop your images anymore. Great, right?
  4. Last, but not least, there’s this ability to make purchases right from within the network.

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Yeah, right.

So, what’s the catch? Everything sounds so great and exciting but there must be some things we’ve overlooked. If there are no ads on the platform, Vero would have to make money some other way perhaps. And, that’s where the limitation comes in. You see, the first million users can enter the app for free and also use it free for a lifetime. Once the app finally reaches their one million users, a paid subscription will be introduced. This also may be the cause people are rushing to get the app.